Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Workout Video #2 (+Gym Ball)

Here's my second workout video. We'll be working out with a gym ball this time.


I’ve been using my own bodyweight for my workouts for the longest time, and in this video, I tried something new. I never thought working out with a gym ball would be just as challenging & tiring.

I am not entirely familiar with the exercises you can perform using the gym ball so I had to research. After all, there is nothing that Google can’t answer. I stumbled upon this site called Ask Men.com You might ask me, “Men?” So what?! Anything they can do, we can do it too!

You can see the exercises I did in this video here:

As usual, I used my 60 reps per exercise rule. Always modify if you think you can’t handle it.

The Biggest Loser Exercise Ball from:
Toby's (PHP 750.00; includes a pump)

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