Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Ears & A Tail for My iPhone 4

Why I love my iPhone 4 better now…DSC07451

After endless changes of different iPhone cases (all in red) for my phone, I finally found the one. I broke the chain of red and got this Rabito Case in a pink shade. Well, the main reason is that the red they had was more of an orangey type of red—which is a huge blech to me. I don’t even own anything in orange! (Except my can of Tony Moly hairspray)

Ever since my iPhone wore ears and a tail, I found myself loving it so much better now than before. I guess there’s something adorably irresistible about bunny ears and so much more for the furry bunny tail.

How did I find it?

Do you know Heart Defensor? The Youtuber? We are Instagram buddies and she posted a photo of her phone with the bunny get up. Of course, I was like, “Damn, I gotta have one of those for mine. How cute is that?!”

Where did I get it?

I was roaming around SM City Manila as usual during one fine Sunday when I passed by this booth at the Cyberzone area (Lower Ground Floor). In Marketing, we learned how display could affect the purchase decision of consumers (which includes impulse buying) Funny how my eyes got drawn to their lower shelf! And with widened eyes I was like, “I finally found you!” Some people in Twitter have told me how I can get the case at Cellboy—but unfortunately, the branch at SM Manila doesn’t have it.

The booth’s name is called “FireWyre”. It’s right across SamSung.

How much did I pay for it?

I only paid PHP 150.00. Can you believe it? Other stores (not booths) were selling it for PHP 450.00!

Colors available

Pink (the one I got), purple, orangey-red. (Available during my visit)


What is the function of the furry tail?

The tail is actually detachable. It acts as a stand (see: photo above) and according to the pamphlet, you can also wrap your earphone cords around it.

I am getting the purple one in my next visit! This is, by far, the best phone case I’ve ever bought for my iPhone 4.


  1. Purple is cute too :) How I wish Android also have rabito phone case. :(

  2. That is the cutest thing! I was going to buy one but I realized I don't have an iPhone. Hahaha!

  3. Awesome case. I love your color choice because i love pink the most. iphone 4 ucuz