Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Latest Purchased Workout Equipment: Gym Ball


I’ve always worked out using only my body weight. This means performing exercises with the help of your own weight. Not only does it help build up muscles, it also saves you a lotta moolah (money). I’ve learned bodyweight exercises from Shaun T. of Hip Hop Abs and Zuzana & Freddy of BodyRock.TV. There are endless of combos of bodyweight exercises you can try!

Last Sunday, I went to Toby’s and bought myself a gym ball. Why a gym ball when I mentioned in the first paragraph how I love doing bodyweight exercises? Well, with the gym ball, you can do countless of exercises as well! I personally love doing crunches with the ball since it gives me this feeling of “Okay I wanna give up now, but I can’t, I have to keep going”. It gives less tension on my back as it rests comfortably on the curve of the ball.

If you still haven’t, check out my Workout Video #2 wherein I performed exercises with the gym ball.


Not only do I use this ball for exercises, I also love to sit on it while I blog/film videos and at times when I just wanna bounce around. It’s a multi-functional ball which will really be a great help to everyone who want to lose weight.

I bought this ball from Toby’s for only PHP 750.00. It only comes in blue, but how I wish they come out with red ones. The set contains a pump, so you don’t have to buy a separate one. You will have so much fun pumping. I know I did! HPIM3819

Next target: Kettlebell!

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