Sunday, 6 November 2011

Halloween HMU Gig @ the Tan’s and Cute Little Keisha

Achi KC booked a hair and makeup appointment for a Halloween party last October 29th. (Read about the gig here) I gladly accepted the offer, of course. I’ve known her for a couple of years now! I actually knew Achi KC through Ady who is one of my best friends. You know how Chinese schools are interconnected! It’s really cool since I also met Achi KC’s sister, KK—online, but we never met all these years. I was actually happy & expected to see her that night! Achi KC’s family is pretty cool. I think I know them all (thanks to the internet!)


I filmed a makeup tutorial prior to heading out and going to Achi KC’s place. I arrived at around 8, if I remember correctly. I had a little trouble finding the gate number, and for a second there I thought mysterious beings (engkanto)  were playing a trick on me. (You know how superstitious I can get!) Anyway, I was led into the house and was greeted by this beautiful dog named Tyra. As usual, all I could utter was “Ang cutttttteeee!


I was led upstairs in Achi KC room and I finally met Ahia Arvin. Again, I only know him through photos! I did Achi KC’s makeup after setting up. I won’t talk about what I used because all that I have posted an in-depth entry about it in my beauty blog already. It was so much fun chatting with Achi KC. She’s always been like a sister to me!


KK came in a few minutes! It was soooo great to see her, finally! We used to chat a lot over the internet! Multiply days pa ‘yon! So cool, noh? The cutest part of the night was when Keisha came in! I know you all know how I hate little kids, but daaaamn, Keisha is totally an exception. She’s 3 years old (if I remember correctly), and man, she can operate an iPhone/iPad! How cool huh? We even took photos together. She’s so chubby I wanted to squeeeeeeeze her. But I didn’t. Haha!


I also did Ahia Arvin’s makeup after a few hours. I fell in love with his Kryolan makeup. The concealer he uses is just so damn great. I’m totally going to purchase one. Thanks Ahia Arvin for telling me where I can buy it!


Here are some photos that little Keisha took with my phone:


It was really nice to meet Achi Stephanie in person, too! She won the Miss Earth (Fire) title back in year (*I forgot*). She looked as beautiful as she does on photos!


The one thing I was afraid of happened that night—I forgot to put the battery in my digital camera. How utterly stupid, huh? Thank God for my phone. I was able to take a few shots! And the rest that I used for my feature in my beauty blog all came from Achi KC. Thanks for letting me use them Achi KC!

Sweet little Keisha even walked me to the car afterwards! How can I not love the little cutie pie?


Thanks to the Tan family for such a warm welcome! It didn’t seem like a hair and makeup gig to me! Such a fun night!

P.S. Achi KC’s a food blogger and you might wanna check her blog out—I always get hungry when I do:

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