Monday, 28 November 2011

The Ultimate Update/Top Favorites

Hello everyone! I know it’s been almost a month since I last updated this blog, and I’m back to share my Top Favorites!

 1. Meeting Krysha—I finally met my girl! This year feels extremely almost complete since we finally finally met. Read about our meet up here.


2. Su Zhou’s Xiao Long Bao—I’ve been craving like crazy for these bad boys, finally had my fix at Su Zhou! Have you tried these? They’re like heaven in the mouth.


3. Kisses from doggies—I swear, at the end of the day, all my stress goes away when I cuddle with them babies.


4. Sunsets outside our window—We always get the best view. Such majestic wonders of nature.



5. Hot Pink Lips—I am totally loving Sleek Makeup’s Pout Paint in Pinkini! Such a beautiful color that makes you stand out from the crowd.


6. Sleek Makeup Palettes—I can’t stop raving about these palettes ever since Sarah of Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione gave them to me!


7. Lotion Overload—I have a year’s supply of lotion already!!! Latest additions are the Lemon and Coconut from Bath & Body Works from Krysha (thanks Kryshaaa!!!)


8. MAC Satin Lipstick in RED—thanks to my wonderful reader Ashley for giving me this wonderful lip color all the way from Dubai!


9. Chocolate Milk Shake from Café Breton—had this during my meet-up with Krysha and her mom! It tasted soooooooooo good but it’s a shame how I only drank like 1/4 of the whole glass.


10. La Pinay Crepe from Café Breton—Krysha and Mrs. Mallari suggested I try this, and so I did! Tasted really yummy! Such a perfect guilty pleasure.


11. My work—Always gonna be part of the list!


12. Working out—Was, still, and will always be my favorite!!! It’s one of the most perfect stress-busters! I workout when I’m stressed, angry, sad—and I instantly feel perked up after a few reps! You’ve got nothing to lose but stress and pounds!


13. Sigma F80 Brush—I’ve been using this brush everyday since I got it. Definitely replaced my Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush (but I still love it!) You have till the 30th to enter my F80 Giveaway. Click here for the mechanics.


14. Makeup Books—I am learning so so much from these. Definitely buying more books in the next months!


15. Dolly International Cosmetic Lenses—Super excited to use these in my next tutorials. Thanks to Dolly International for contacting me and actually sending (5) lenses!!! I was only expecting 1 pair. Super grateful.


16. Nutella—Come on, now. There is absolutely NOTHING that Nutella CAN’T fix on a bad day.


There you have it! My top favorites this month. Hope you had fun reading! I’ll be seeing you in my next post (which is tomorrow because my goal is to update my blogs daily now) I honestly find it tedious to balance school, my blogs, and my YouTube channel—but heck I love it!

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  1. ^^, love your post as always Say ^^, will def read more from you ^^, I know you can do all those things without breaking a sweat

    Much love!