Thursday, 3 November 2011

Workout with Say 11/03/11 (300 Squats + 480 Reps Workout)

On the last day of October, I vowed to never miss a workout in the next 2 months. I’m going to be greeting 2012 with a tighter, leaner body; still hoping to get semi-Zuzana abs.


Today is my third day, and so far, so good. I worked out at midnight the past two nights—slept at 4AM on both days, but today I did it earlier because I wanted to put up another workout video for my YouTube channel. I filmed today’s workout, and it was damn tiring. I had to do additional reps just to get a good footage! Initially, I was gonna share a video of myself doing the 300 squats under time pressure, but unfortunately, there is no beautiful way to film it. I looked horrible towards the end.

I ended up filming a 1.5 hour long workout in almost 3 hours, and then compressed the whole thing into a 4-minute video. I was absolutely drenched in sweat. I think I bathed in sweat, even! One of the best workouts yet.

Let me just go through the exercises one by one:

  1. 300 full, unsupported squats—this is my secret in keeping those buns strong and tight. Make sure you squeeze them together as you go up. You butt muscles should work as much as your leg muscles. I normally do 300 everyday, but you can always modify—I don’t want you to force yourself to finish the reps.
  2. +Ball Crunches—lie back on your gym ball and do crunches. No stopping! Do 60 reps continuously. And when you reach the 60th, thats when you’ll feel the torturous burn. Do regular crunches if you don’t have a gym ball.
  3. Fat Burn Plank Jump—do this move with precaution. Complete 60 reps. Keep your balance. This will strengthen your arms like crazy. It’s like doing a momentary hand stand. Really fun, although it can be a bit risky as well. So don’t do it at all if you don’t think you can! Here’s a little still shot of this exercise:322946_281338231897696_151123184919202_946600_2074033731_o
  4. Side Crunches—do 60 reps on both sides; perfect way to sculpt the ab muscles
  5. +Ball Push-ups—you don’t know how much I was screaming inside while doing this. My arms were just too tired already. But I managed to finish 60 reps. And then  collapse. (naaah, just kidding)
  6. Lunges—do 30 reps on each leg. Regular lunges that’ll strengthen your legs.
  7. Leg Work—do 20 per exercise on each leg. So you’ll be having a total of 60 reps per leg.

Watch the video here:

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