Tuesday, 1 November 2011

White Feathered Necklace from Girl Shoppe


If you watched my Day in the Life of Say 10-22-11, you would’ve already seen me wearing this white feathered necklace. Many thought that this is one of my sister Iza’s wonderful works (The Style Prodigy Shop) but truth is, as I mentioned in the video, I purchased this necklace from Girl Shoppe at 50th Avenue, Robinson’s Galleria.

I love how this necklace adds statement to any outfit. I think it’s a perfect accessory if you’re wearing something very plain or monotonous in color.

The feathers are obviously fake. I put the necklace in my satchel once and when I pulled it out, some of the feathers have separated in tiny strips. I kinda like the effect, though.

I bought this necklace for only PHP 150.00 from Girl Shoppe at 50th Avenue, Robinson’s Galleria. They also come in other colors such as pink, blue, and purple.




Watch this video to see me wearing the feather necklace:


  1. REALLY NICE.. =)

  2. I love this.