Thursday, 1 December 2011

I Lived to Tell About It

Unless I’m super super drained and tired, I see to it that I work my ass out every night. Obviously, I am writing this post at 2:08AM. I’m still up getting work done! I love days when I feel so inspired and productive! Anyhoo, the workout that I did yesterday (December 1) actually just hours ago, was the “It Will Rain Sweat” 1000 Reps Workout by I don’t know what it is about me, but I always take challenges even though I know it’s going to be deadly. Challenges in workouts, particularly. BodyRockTV has changed my life in so many ways. People have been asking me to talk about my weight loss journey via YouTube, and I have yet to make that one, so for now, I hope blog entries would suffice.

Let’s talk about the workout!

I usually post a photo of my record via Instagram in Twitter but I didn’t do that tonight since this wasn’t a max rep workout. It was simple a timed workout—no pressure! I was hesitant to share the record on the paper since it had a lotta figures.

Basically there are 10 exercises which you will do 10 REPS of each for 10 ROUNDS.

Freddy’s brother and Kyla did an awesome explanation on the exercises so you might as well watch this video:

The first round totally heightened my heart rate. In the third round I was panting like a dog. I slowed down by the 5th round. Gained energy back through the 7th and 8th round, and basically super sped up by the 9th and 10th round.

It took me 53 minutes and 05 seconds to complete the whole 1000 reps.

I felt sooooo accomplished when I finished it! I could’ve easily given up halfway but I didn’t—I told you, it’s not really my nature to cheat on my workouts. Cheating will never get you anywhere.

The photo above is one of the shots I took right after the workout. You can’t really see, but I was drenched in sweat. It really did rain sweat, huh?

I love how working out makes me happy. I was feeling a bit blah before this and look at me now. After a torturous workout and a refreshing bath—I’m still awake at 2:30AM! I’ll be sleeping in a few minutes, though! Just had to upload a new video and put up a couple of blog entries (including this one which is the last for today).

My only advice to women/men out there who want to lose weight—YOU HAVE TO START. WANT IT. BADLY. Nothing and no one is going to do it for you.

Cheers to BodyRockers!!!

P.S. I’ve never met a Filipino BodyRocker before…if you are, I would LOVE to meet you!

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