Saturday, 3 December 2011

December 4, 2011 Live Blogging from the Trinket Town Bazaar

Hi everyone!

It’s 12:10PM December 4, 2011. This should be fun. I’m actually live-blogging from the Trinket Bazaar here at Il Terrazzo. But since this place has no Wi-fi, I won’t be able to publish this post till I get back home. Anyway, I just thought it would be fun to live-blog about what’s happening.

Right now I’m back in our booth after a couple minutes of shopping. I slept super late last night because after I published my collaboration video with Roseanne Tang, I watched Easy A on HBO! When I went to bed it was 3:00AM already and while I was zapping away, Easy A went on! I tweeted “How could I possibly sleep now?!” I knew about this movie from my sisters. Didn’t think I’d love it this much. Took me about 2 viewings before finally getting hooked! You should watch it!

Anyhoo, I woke up at around 8AM, had breakfast, showered, and cried my eyes out when I put my lenses on. Lens-wearers would feel me when I how painful it is to put lenses on eyes that lack sleep! When the tears fall, that’s actually when I tell myself, “I knew I should’ve gotten more sleep!”

I didn’t have the time to make myself look bongga anymore. I just did my usual concealing, foundation, and brow routine, got hold of my favorite black pencil from Nichido, lined my eyes, curled my lashes, applied mascara, blush, and finished off with my current favorite lip color, Mirrored Mocha by Ever Bilena. The color is just to die for. Perfect neutral color talaga.

Anyhoo, I didn’t have the time to even pack my stuff, so like I always do when I’m running outta time, I open my bag and stuff all my things in it. My 15-inch satchel actually looked like it was gonna burst! But it didn’t! Quite a proof on how sturdy my 15-inch satchel is! It can withstand anything! (Knocks on wood)

We got to Il Terrazzo in about 15 minutes. No traffic kasi eh! It was raining though. I carried my huge box containing all the lashes to be sold. Quite heavy since I had the satchel on my left shoulder, my laptop and tripod on my left arm, and the box on the other arm. Thank goodness for my sister who held the umbrella for me—but I still got wet since she was trying to not get her stuff wet! Hahaha.

This is actually their second day here at the bazaar. Mine, first. The place looks cozy. I’m sitting here right now, looking around, and quite a number of people are already visiting. We set up our booth and my sister dropped my mirror—the other side cracked!!! Guess this means I have to buy the sturdier one I found at Ace Hardware the other week.


When this booth right across ours (GBC “GELIBEAN COUTURE) finished setting up, I just had to stand up and look at their clothes! I was looking through the rack and I hit jackpot. It was the perfect blazer. I swear I died a little. It was priced at PHP 700 but you wouldn’t believe how much I got it for. FREAAAAKING PHP 300.00!!! Like what the heck baby! I just love it when the seller is lan nang (fellow Chinese). I was actually their first customer today! That’s why super discounted daw. But come on that’s super duper big! PHP 500.00 taken off the price. She told me it was missing a button that’s why she’s lowering the price. I couldn’t care less about the damned button. It doesn’t even show! Like, it’s not obvious that there was a button there in the first place. I totally LOVE IT. I failed to take a photo before buying it but I’ll be going back there to take a photo for Instagram sharing later on.


Anyhoo, after that I ran outta cash. I mean, I still had cash in my wallet but it wasn’t enough. My sister Iza accompanied me downstairs (we’re at the PentHouse) to look for an ATM machine. Turns out, there’s none here at Il Terrazzo. We even went out in the rain (to look at the basement) we didn’t have any umbrella but this kind man held one for us while we walked. My sister was bugging me all the while kasi usually we have to give tip or something like that right? So when we didn’t find any ATM  down there, we had no choice but to go back up and get our own umbrella. There was an ATM right across across the street. So we went there.

When I got the money (which I ought to NOT spend) my sister dragged me to Starbucks to buy a drink for her. I was able to momentarily tweet since the whole place has Wi-fi. Alam mo, Wi-fi should be available EVERYWHERE! So funny ‘coz I remember Olive’s favorite professor’s quote in the movie Easy A, “I don’t know what it is about your generation about documenting all your thoughts—it’s not all good!”


Anyhoo we just got back here a few minutes ago. Since my other sister, Lady’s birthday is coming up, Iza and I agreed on buying her the dress that she was eyeing on since yesterday. Same booth where I got my beautiful blazer! It’s this beautiful dress with (okay I suck at describing dresses) Okay so let’s leave it at that. It’s a beautiful dress. I have a photo right there!


She had a choice between an anchor-printed one and a polkadot printed one. She chose the latter. It looked great on her ha. We got PHP 50.00 discount on it. GBC’s owner is Alexis Go’s sister! I freaking forgot her name, but my sister thinks it’s Geli (hence the name of her shop) I know Alexis through Achi KC. I saw her when they went to the Chinatown Pageant before (if I got that correctly). Geli (assuming her name is Geli) is super accommodating! She even changes outfits every few minutes! She’s a student at FIP! And most of the clothes she’s selling are her own designs! She’s from ICA, by the way. The connection talaga is different when you’re from Chinese schools.

Anyhoo I went around the place again and right beside ours is Ysh’s Boutique. Daaaamn how could I not spend and buy? They are freaking selling MAKEUP. Not just any other makeup. They have NYX, Stile, Sonia Kashuk, a bunch of EOS lip balms, Suesh brushes and a whole lot lot lot more. I’m actually gonna go back to get the nail polish and lip color I eyed on awhile ago.


In the other booth, I found gorgeous Nike shorts perfect for my workouts! They only sell them for PHP 150.00 so I’m assuming they’re not authentic but the seller did say something about having Nike make them or something like that. I’m gonna go back for the pink shorts later on. I actually put it down down down below so that no one would be able to buy it. LOL! It’s the only pink one eh!

It’s 12:49PM already as I am typing this. We haven’t had lunch yet. I still have a piece of this yummy cheesecake we got from the other booth. It’s incredibly yummy.


Still no customers. But I already received online reservations! I love my readers talaga. Have I mentioned how supportive they are? 2 years ago, I never pictured myself to be in this situation. I am honestly loving it. I’m still getting there. It’s taking a lot of work, but it will be super worthwhile. I just know it.

So… let’s make a quick list on the things I’ll be buying before we leave later:

  • GBC nerd glasses for PHP 100 (I need help! Should I buy the lens-less ones or the ones with lenses? Geli (assuming her name is Geli) told me the lens-less ones allow no glare when taking photos. On the other hand, the ones with lenses look good when you go out. So I’m in a bit of a dilemma here. But I’m sure I’ll be able to decide later. Maybe just buy both?
  • Nike shorts for PHP 150 (I actually think I should buy two or three—but the inner thrifty in me tells me I wouldn’t wanna look in my bank account right after, so I’m guessing just the pink one)
  • NYX glitter polish for PHP 100 (It looks so beautiful! Perfect for the holidays! We’ll see!)
  • NYX Matte Lipsticks for PHP 280 each (I think I’m gonna pick the red one—which Judy of ItsJudyTime loves!
  • Sonia Kashuk Brush for PHP 400 (I probably won’t be buying this but it looks soooooo high-quality! Dulce loves Sonia Kashuk brushes so maybe, just maybe, I’d buy them later on)

It’s 12:59PM. We haven’t had lunch yet. But we know where to eat! BONCHON BABY!

A customer just bought from me! She’s super sweeeet! She told me my lashes is the only reason she came to the bazaar! I regret not getting her name!!! Whoever you are, thank you so so much! And I’d love if you leave a comment here! :)


It’s 1:04PM. I just sat back down after taking photos for this blog entry. How fun is this? Are you enjoying my live blogging? Well, technically it’s not live, but you get what I mean.

They’re playing “What the Hell” by Avril Lavigne over the speakers. I love this song! Anyhoo, I’m gonna stand back up and take photos for this entry.

It’s 1:18PM and I just sat back down. Went around and took photos. So this little girl just left our booth. She had chunky pink glasses on. So cute! She’s also one of the exemptions. Coz if you know me, I hate kids. But I don’t hate that one.

Are there any misopedists out there? I consider myself one, but not entirely! I mean, I get annoyed by some kids. But there are exemptions! So does that still make me a misopedist? Methinks not. Or maybe yes.

I don’t feel hungry pa rin but I can’t wait for Bonchon!

It’s 1:43 right now. I feel sleepy. I’m gonna go ahead and plan some stuff and I’ll get back to this entry later on. Can’t believe I’ve already written 1,678 words. Now 1680.

Okay hold on, looks like I won’t be able to get back to this till later. Only 26% of battery remaining. Bye for now!

3:14PM on the clock and 24% battery life remaining.

I just had lunch! My sister Iza and I went downstairs to buy lunch @ BonChon Chicken. I ordered Chops Rice Box, Iza had the Fish Rice Box and Dichi had a Chicken Burger. We cam-whored for a while while waiting for our orders. I actually almost dropped my iPhone over the ledge—thank God I had a good grip!

After BonChon we went to Banapple to buy something for our other sister, Luzelle. While ordering, I heard a “Say.” from behind. When I looked back, it was Rianne and Kim!


Oh heeeey! It’s 9:53PM right now! I’m finally back home. Now let’s pick up where we left off…

As I was saying, when I looked back, it was Rianne and Kim! Old friends from high school! Carla, Kim’s friend was there, too. I believe they dined in Banapple. I invited them to the bazaar, though!

We had our lunch but I wasn’t super satisfied with my BonChon Chops. Tasted pretty bland on the inside. It was okay though.


Rianne, Kim and Carla arrived after a few minutes! We had a super fun chat! Took us about 25 minutes or so. It was super great to catch up with them. Thanks guys for visiting our booth!

After my friends left, I just sat down since my laptop died on me already. Every few minutes, I would stand up and look around.

I went back to GBC and bought the nerdy glasses with lenses for only PHP 100.00! My sisters and I camwhored afterwards! I love how they look on me. I’ve always seen them on other people; never thought I’d love it on myself too!


For some reason, my phone detected Wi-fi in the area and I uploaded all the photos that I had on queue in my Instagram account! I know I flooded all my followers’ timeline—but come on, I posted interesting photos! The beautiful Marissa of RissRose on YT even commented on one of them!

Anyhoo…(trying to remember what happened next) Oh yeah, I went back to the Ysh’s Booth (the one that sells all kinds of makeup) and I freaaaaking bought makeup. I gave in!!! I tweeted earlier asking what palette I should get between these two:

I ended up buying Ocean Breeze—which was the very first one to catch my attention because of the middle E/S! How unique, right? Think about all the looks I can make with this baby. I got it for PHP 300.00

Anyhoo, with that palette I got myself a NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red. I saw this on Judy of ItsJudyTime, and I bought it without no doubt because it’s freaking red! They sold it for 280.

I didn’t buy this beautiful nail polish anymore!!! But look how pretty!


After buying makeup I told myself, “SAY STOP BUYING. NO MORE SPENDING!!!” But then my sister took me to the other booth and we rummaged through the clothes rack. I ended up spending 300.00 more! I got THE perfect white trench coat and THE perfect black turtleneck top. The trench coat is from HongKong! Gosh, I totally loveeeee that booth!

That was the end of my purchase for today. I spent WAY too much.

So happy that I got customers! Thank you to everyone who came and bought lashes! Special shout-out to Dianne Go! Thank you for buying Achi Dianne!

By 6:15PM I was super tired already. Had about 10% energy left. I just sat there and computed my earnings and expenses—obviously the latter was MORE than the first one! But it was all worth it! I can’t wait to make a vlog about all this tomorrow!

Now it’s 10:12PM. I have not removed my makeup yet. I just published my lashes for sale online! (Keep the texts coming!!!) Go to my fan page to find out how to order from me.

I have a bunch of stuff to finish tonight. Although I feel very very tired.

I’m working on this entry just to have something to share to my readers! I totally had fun. Everything went great! I had a lovely first time at the Trinket Town Bazaar. Hopefully, all my “projects” pushes through! I’m really excited for a lot of things. But we can’t just broadcast everything, can we? I just want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone—everyone who is making my dreams come to life.

Now time to wrap this entry up and publish!

I hope you had fun reading what went through my day!

11:15PM and I just finished adding photos. I am squinting now. Gotta get all this makeup and lenses off while this post gets published.

Ciao ciao!


  1. oooh! Inggit ako sa mga nakapunta kanina :( hay.. I will definitely go to the next meet and greet! I'm glad you had fun at the bazaar! :) mwah!

  2. You have such a high when you shop, don't you? Haha Don't worry, it's the same for me! You go girl! Abangan ang Aguinaldo from Ninangs and Ninongs to make up for spending too much! :)

  3. Long post, indeed... But loved it! Awesome purchases! So glad you've had a wonderful day ^_^

  4. Hi Say!

    I'm the customer who went to the Bazaar solely for the lashes. Thank you and I am loving the lashes that I bought from you.

    Reading your post, you have a keen eye for good stuff. I roamed but I didn't even see the NYX cosmetics being sold. Grabe nainggit tuloy ako sayo! haha.

    Next time you'll be at a Bazaar, I'll definitely drop by again.

  5. Oh ehm, THIS day of yours is a total win! I wish I went to that event ;(