Tuesday, 31 January 2012

This Little Heaven Called ‘The Pit’

My blockmate Trizia introduced me to this place near UST called “The Pit” last December. I’ve never dined in there before but when I did, I went back every week and it was cray cray! I just want to share a few of my favorite dishes from there:

The BlueBerry Cheesecake—ahh…the cherry on top of the icing. This seals the deal after every meal! It’s never bad to indulge once in a while!


Shrimp Cocktail—I honestly think this is one of the best appetizers they have in there! Scrumptious is the word for this baby.


Sweet and Sour Pork on Rice—yeah, I eat rice once in a while! This is one of my favorite dishes from The Pit. The pork is just cooked to perfection. Creamy. Saucy. Crunchy. The flavors just celebrate in your taste buds!


Fish Fillet—one of the best dishes I’ve tried! Perfect for people on a diet, even. Tastes very light, yet filling. The garlic and sauce jive well!


Calamares Meal with Coleslaw—I tried this one because I saw a customer in another table who seemed to enjoy it so much. I understood when I tasted it! The coleslaw was perfect, the calamares were crunchy and chewy—everything was muy bien!


Those are just few of my favorites from The Pit!

If you’re from UST, you’d probably already know this place. If not, you should drop by! It’s located along Asturias Street, right across Jollibee, Dapitan.

Are you hungry now?

Love, Say


  1. wahh bakit hindi ko yan nakakain dati?? chicken wrap lang palagi inoorder ko at sisig!!wahaha will try these pag napadpad muli sa uste.. :D

  2. I remember, when i was still studying at UST, i always eat there... namiss ko tuloy bigla, hehehe