Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Alternative for Jewelmint in the Philippines

Have you heard of Jewelmint www.jewelmint.com? I’ve been seeing so many gurus in YouTube rave about their pieces since the previous year and I really wanted to sign up for it! Unfortunately, they don’t ship to the Philippines!

Nothing to worry about, though!


Do you know the brand WWW *What Women Want* of SM Department Stores? Well, baby, they have it all! Last December I went shopping and got myself these gorgeous pieces from WWW. I told myself, they may not be from Jewelmint, but they can definitely compensate!

The prices may be a bit expensive for some, but I personally think that WWW pieces are of quality. Let me show you the stuff I picked up from that line. Gold looks better on me than silver. (This is a huge factor, so might as well check what looks better on your skin color)


Ring cluster—I really can’t remember the price, but I’m pretty sure this was PHP 299.00 You get 7 rings all in all. I’m not a fan of the ones with the huge fake jewels but the regular gold ones and the ones with the pearls are my favorite!


Bracelet cluster—I don’t remember the price of this one as well, but it ranges from 200-300++ I love these! I’ve always seen Heart Defensor and Anne Di layer their bracelets on Instagram—this is almost as good as a Jewelmint piece.

I promised myself I’d start collecting more stuff this 2012. (Shoes, jewelries, clothes…etc.) And I know with the jewelries category, What Women Want got me covered!

Check out their pieces in any SM Department Store branch!

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  1. Hi Say!you are so right.Most of the gurus in YouTube rave about jewelmint and i thought of WWW too as the alternative for that,they almost have the same classy and gorgeous pieces.So nice of you to share these idea on us:)