Sunday, 19 February 2012

Day Out with The Girls, Red Luggage, Kate Spade Knock-off

Finally, my last entry. No more chasing after backlogs! 4:38AM Let’s do this!

February 19, 2012—Scheduled day out with my high school friends Pia and Pauline.

Used this beautiful Lancome palette I received as a gift from my gorgeous friend April (thanks Pril!!! Love you forever) I used Optic, The New Blue and Camisole; such gorgeous shades. Photo effect from this app called “Phototreats” Effect is called “Magic Hour”


What I wore. The printed top that was sent to me by Stop, Look and Buy (thanks Mavi!) What I did was wear a black cami underneath, unbuttoned all the buttons, and just tied the ‘scarf’ part. Looked pretty good. Well the reason why I didn’t button it is that it was pretty snug on the chest area. On the brighter side, it looks great as a cover-up! Apparently, this top is all over Divisoria! So I know I have a lot of twinsies! LOL


The quote that was on the placemat at the French Baker…


Lunch of the day: iced mocha and fettuccini carbonara


Bought a luggage today!!! It was a total steal at PHP 1,199.75 (on sale) I’ll be going to Cebu for 5 days in 41 days and I am pretty stoked about everything! What better way to start planning than with a red luggage?


Look at this pretty thing. It’s a Kate Spade phone case knock-off!!! Got it for PHP 149.75 at SM Department Store. After being naked for a couple of weeks, my phone is now fully dressed again.


It’s 4:47AM, I have to get up at 9 to run errands and film (hopefully it doesn’t rain!)

Now that wasn’t so bad. 8 blog posts in about 6 hours.

Hope you enjoyed reading. You made my day.


  1. I just like reading your blogs Say :) Its really different and also your pictures are one of a kind :) Much Love! XOXO