Monday, 5 March 2012

Upgrade of the Year

If you follow my videos on YouTube, you’d know that I granted the most popular request of doing a makeup collection video. I’ve collected quite a few over the past years and I ran out of space to contain all of them, which explains why I have them in separate containers of all kinds. My Samsonite traincase can only hold up to a few products making it difficult to be a storage of all my stuff. Buying a larger traincase was never in my plan (not until the next few months) because I am still saving up for a lot. But then Cosmetologie happened.


I saw this baby.

This is the exact traincase that I have in my wishlist (circa 2010) and my stars were all aligned that day as this traincase was priced at 50% off! (jaw drop) I never had the guts to buy it before since it will cost me 8,500! I only had to pay 4,250.00 for it!!! (squeal) It was the last one there. And it was meant to be mine. :) Sab and Andee reassured me that it was a good purchase. It is, and I am very happy. Read my entry about the traincase here.


Hello, trolley traincase!!! Next goal: a director’s chair!


Watch my Updated Makeup Collection here:

Watch my Cosmetologie 2012 Haul here:

Watch my video about my new traincase here:

Love, Say

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