Sunday, 19 February 2012

Funny Books, TopShop Fitting, Sigma, How I Shoot Products

Was invited to the premiere showing of The Vow last February 12 (thanks to Carmex, ZoyaManila and of course, Shen!) Had plenty of time to kill since the organizers of the event were super genius to set the time the Filipino time Filipino time! (Did you get that?) The movie started at 5, and everyone was asked to arrive at 4! Found it pretty clever! (I’m not even being sarcastic here. I really found it clever!) Nobody was late, and the movie started on time!

So while killing time, my sisters and I went to Fully Booked (or was it Powerbooks? I don’t remember) I saw this!


Just HOW funny do you find this? Hahaha! The one’s obviously a positive book as opposed to the other one. They contain quotes, basically. I just found them super amusing, so I put them beside each other, and took a snapshot!

It was a Sunday! SO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS RIGHT?! Fitting day!!!

Went to TopShop and found a couple of cute clothes I wanted to try out (and eventually buy but then again successfully resisted—thank goodness) Okay, the bag’s from Greenhills (borrowed it from my sister Iza).


Damn this baby’s on fire!!! Faux leather jacket. It’s called a “Clean PU Biker Jacket” according to TopShop online. Costs about 2,000++ How badass can you look in this?!


Are you even surprised I loved this one?! I’m not gonna explain… Hong se hong se hong se!


This is tooooo pretty! I freaking love how flowy the skirt is! (Pardon my wrist, I just had to flick it up like that. LOL)


VIP seats to the The Vow premiere!



Arrived at the post mail last Monday!!! Thank you Sigma!!! I earned this.


If there’s one thing I dread the most, it would be CLEANING ALL MY MAKEUP BRUSHES!!! I cleaned a total of 44 brushes in one sitting the other night! I freaking dreaaad it. And I know I’m not the only one.


What I’ve been loving to death the past few days! I haven’t worn lipstick for 4 days now because of this!


The palette I’ve been using for school everyday! I don’t want this to sound like a promotion, but damn, the Sigma Bare Palette is so finnnnnne.


A snapshot after filming another Tagalog tutorial for all my fellow Pinays


And…the usual post workout shot. It’s my way of tracking my progress, really. No headshot because I always look like a mess after a session. But nothing beats the rejuvenating feeling of 300 squats, 600 reps of 10 exercises and all the possible body muscle torture you could think of…(this, coming from a masochistic workout-er)


Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering where I do my product shoots and how I do it…

Cybershot W130 on a tripod, our clean marble floor, an authentic Filipino hand seat, and the sunlight!


Now wasn’t that interesting?


  1. Lol I have that red scalloped top from Topshop

  2. Cute post! I love Bare palette too :-)

  3. It's just soo fun to read all of your post! I've been wanting to try Carmex lipbalm, How much does it cost Ms. Say? Thanks!

  4. I love such kind of products, Because these products are very essential for every beautiful lady..

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  5. Namiss ko bigla Baguio nung nakita ko yung hand seat! Hahaha! May ganyan kasi sa bahay ng pinsan ko.. As in super identical! ;)Love your blogs Say!!:)Hope you still remember me. :)


  6. I started doing bodyrock and I love it! I'm sweating like crazy after just one whole set of the workout. I hope this will be as effective to me as it was for you! :)