Sunday, 19 February 2012

Fitting, Nutella Crepe ala Mode, Lipsticks, and Rameon


So I developed this weird routine of trying on clothes every Sunday. Fortunately, I successfully resisted getting this gorgeous cropped blazer (or whatever you wanna call it) from Maldita. Doesn’t it look nice? Look at that gorgeous V-neck and sleek buttons. I love how puffed up the sleeves are. Perfect ooze of attitude.


The red flats I so wanted to buy. (Payless) Again, successfully resisted. I was being rational. I wanted these. But I don’t really need them. (Arrrrg…but I am coming back for you baby red!) Oh yeah I have feet veins! (just for the sake of people who want to point it out/ask about it) I get them from all the torture workouts I do at night.


We get the best view of sunsets right outside our window. Lovely, isn’t it? I never miss to post on Instagram whenever I get to catch beautiful scenes like this.


Just what I need after a long week… Nutella Crepe ala Mode! PHP 115.00 The French Baker. It’s heaven on earth.


Another tutorial I did a few days ago…


I finally have my own Lime Crime lipstick!!! And the best thing about it?! It’s RED!!! “Retrofuturist”


An angel sent me these. (A reader of my blog) She refuses to be named though! But damn, I LOVE everything she sent me. She knows how much I love red lip colors so she sent me 4 new ones!!! How thoughtful and just doggone sweet.


She also included a lipstick rack! I swear I have the sweetest readers ever. Thank you!!! You know who you are!


Ahh…nothing beats having rameon after a long, hard day. Thank goodness for Hanayo right outside UST!

(3:45AM and I’m still not stopping…These are backlog entries, people!!!)

Thank you for reading me.


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