Monday, 26 March 2012

Instagram Photos: Bazaar, Shopping, Food & Makeup

IMG_0713day1 (3)

What I wore during the first day of the Super Sale Bazaar (Make Up Hub by NC Booth) This brush belt that my best friend from Florida sent me has been soooo helpful in all my gigs. Thank you so much Jo!!! Love you! If you haven’t watched my vlog about Day 1 of the Bazaar, you can watch it here (all your Q’s about my outfit will be answered in the video):

IMG_0841day2 (2)

Second day of the Super Sale Bazaar: black ensemble with gold accents. Watch my vlog on Day 2 of the bazaar here:

IMG_0841day2 (6)

Ate this humongous pizza from Sbarro on Day 2 of the bazaar and man, it was too much. I could barely finish it that time!

IMG_0971eco (4)

Found a really sexy pair of red pumps from Day 3 of the bazaar! It was meant to be mine! It was the last pair of red pumps from Poppy & Co. Glad I found it!

IMG_0971eco (16)

Also bought myself a gorgeous plum bag from Bagelya by Ela! I definitely splurged, but I totally deserve it.

Here is the vlog from Day 3 of the bazaar:

IMG_1077a (13)

Photo taken by Bagelya by Ela

IMG_1077a (9)

Brush cleaning! Look at them all clean!

IMG_1077a (8)

Listerine sent me this package! It’s super handy to have mouthwash whenever, wherever. Coz you don’t know when you’ll need to freshen that breath up!

IMG_1077a (4)

My baby darling Princess!

IMG_1499ch (20)

At the salon when I got the sponsored treatment by Hair Philosophie. You can watch the vlogs here:

IMG_1077a (1)

Yaaaay! A gorgeous Stila palette from Jennifer of SkinSonic Philippines! She actually sent me brush head replacements for my SkinSonic system, and she included this in the package! How sweet of her. Thank you Jennifer!!!

IMG_10781 (72)

How the bag looks like when fully loaded!

IMG_10781 (104)

Beautiful sunset. Taken at the penthouse, St. Giles, Makati.

IMG_1499ch (24)

So you know how often me and my blockmates eat at Hanayo, right? We eat there TOO often that Hanayo serves us extra side dishes every single time! So sweet of them!

IMG_1499ch (23)

Yummiest mango crepe I’ve had, ever. St. Giles Hotel Makati


At the penthouse chilling. St. Giles Hotel Makati

IMG_1499ch (21)

My favorite get-up. White tank, pants, flats, blazer.

IMG_1499ch (19)

How beautiful my baby looks like!

IMG_1499ch (18)

The red velvet cupcake Blizzeth from DLSU and her group gave to me when they interviewed me for their project about blogging. It tasted OH SO YUMMY!!! I was never into red velvet cupcakes…but man, this is so good.

IMG_1499ch (17)

Still BodyRocking!

IMG_1499ch (6)

At a client’s house for a gig!

IMG_1499ch (4)

Such a cute dog!

Watch the vlog here to see her do tricks:

new (1)

My baby Princess always does this!

new (3)

Another wonderful scene outside out window.

xxx, Say


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