Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Instagram Photos: Meeting a Celebrity, Buffet & More Makeup

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One of the looks I filmed last week—this is the Sunkissed, Glowing Makeup Look. Would you believe me when I say I didn’t get any sleep the night before I filmed this? I was pretty much drained by 11:00AM. Never ever skip sleep (unless needed)!

You can watch the tutorial on this look here:

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Denise Martinez, one of my awesome subbies from YouTube sent me this baby! It’s the newest Call Me Bubbles palette from MAC!!! I literally squealed when I saw this. Can’t wait to use it!!!

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Denise also gave me this MAC lipstick in Russian Red. Another thing that made me SQUEAL!!! Denise, if by chance you are reading this, I am sooooooo grateful. Thank you so much.

Find out the other goodies Denise sent me in this vlog:

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I met Angel Locsin during the Mosbeau event that I was invited to (thanks to Bestie) She looked soooooooo damn gorgeous. Not to mention, down-to-earth! And would you look at her dress?! So beautiful. Such a perfect endorser for Mosbeau (“most beautiful”)

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We were given this lanyard with a blogger ID name, and guess what? It’s also an 8GB USB storage! If you see the white strap area, that’s where the USB is contained! Pretty cool huh? Such a blessing as well, since I lost my 4GB USB a few months ago. Now I have a replacement! God is good. Thank you Mosbeau!

Watch my vlog about the Mosbeau event here:

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Another awesome subbie of mine from YouTube named Menchie sent me all this goodies all the way from Dubai!!! It’s a boxful of Ever Sheen cosmetics. (Thank you so much Menchie!!!) Ever Sheen is a UK brand and I am absolutely excited to try them out. I’ve actually already tried one lip color and I freaking loveeee it!

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A Springtime Makeup look I came up with a few days ago! I am never afraid to wear bright lip colors—I believe it is something that makes you really stand out. I also came up with the hair style which unfortunately came undone after about 5 hours! I should’ve put in more bobby pins! Nevertheless, I am going to do an in-depth hair tutorial on it as per request of my viewers.

Watch the tutorial here:

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My little sister graduated recently and we celebrated by having dinner at Dads (Saisaki) I almost never eat at Eat All You Can buffets because my tummy can’t take it. Nevertheless, it was a good dinner. Nothing too wow, in my opinion. I would’ve chosen Tempura over this.

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I didn’t realize how gross this photo looks like with the toilet in the background. LOL Anyhoo, what I really wanted to share is my super comfy outfit! I love wearing polo’s!

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With my super talented sister Iza (who graduated with honors!)

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My family :)

Watch the vlog when we ate at Saisaki here:

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I’ve been receiving feedback on how similar my makeup tutorials have been looking like. I actually find myself playing safe most of the time. So then I filmed this tutorial and moves outside my comfort zone. I used fun, bright colors from this Miners Cosmetics Butterfly Babe palette that Sarah of Make Up Hub by NC gave me. True enough, people responded positively! It just goes to show that you do not have to be afraid to do things that are out of the ordinary. It may actually give you more recognition.

*P.S. I named it a Summer look, but if you think about it, it’s also perfect for Spring!

Watch my tutorial here:

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Thank you for making me #1—this is for all those who have been there (and still is here) for me.

Love, Say

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