Monday, 26 March 2012

Day in the Life of Say (Vlogging)

Hi everyone!


It’s overwhelming to receive a lot of positive feedbacks in my Day in The Life of Say vlogs. The first vlog I’ve ever put up in my channel was back in October 13, 2011—wherein I just showed the viewers where I am going/what I am doing from my point of view & did not speak at all! After learning a lot of stuff from the king & queen of vlogging (Benji & Judy Travis) themselves, when I spent time with them here in Manila, I finally mustered up all my courage to vlog how I’m supposed to vlog. I started my official vlogging last February 23, 2012.

Just like any other person new at something, it takes a lot of improvement on how to get it done right. My first few vlogs were definitely more on the “uhmm..uhh…uhmmm…” stage but I am learning more and more on how to improve on them. I have my sister, Lady, to critique my vlogging every time I put up a new one so that the next one would be so much better. True enough, she told me she is seeing improvements!

I am also more comfortable vlogging and filming myself in public; though at first it was really weird since we don’t have much vloggers in the Philippines (in public places) so I get a lot of stares! I always thought Philippines is not yet ready for this whole vlogging thing. But you know, I told myself, “Say, if you’re not going to do this now, when will you ever do it?” Pakapalan ng mukha, like we say it in Tagalog. All it takes is a little courage.

Vlogging is basically video+blogging. You film yourself and inform your viewers what you’re doing, where you are…etc. It’s sharing your life and connecting with them through the videos. I am really glad to have taken this new hobby up since I am able to share my life beyond all the makeup & hair tutorials.

I use my iPhone 4 to vlog, it’s very light and easy to bring around. By June, I’ll be getting a Canon Ixus 220 HS to finally replace my Cybershot W130. It is also a personal recommendation from Judy and Benji for a vlogging camera.

I usually vlog whenever I have hair and makeup appointments with clients. Having their permission beforehand, I am able to film them and capture the before and after transformation of my clients. I am also able to market my skills as a freelance hair and makeup artist.

Some of my subscribers have told me to separate these vlogs in another channel, a new channel—apart from my beauty channel in YouTube. I did not do that in the first place since I looked at my vlogs as my “moving” portfolio online. It is an idea I came up with when I started vlogging about my gigs. I also do not see it as a problem since I separate my videos through Playlists! I have properly segregated all my videos for the convenience of my viewers.

In the next weeks, I will be putting up travel vlogs and so much more! And I am blessed to have supportive subscribers and readers to share my life with.

To date, I have 15 vlogs up in my channel and free for viewing! I hope you enjoy watching them!

Click on this to be directed to my Day in the Life of Say playlist.


  1. Because of this post, I got to see your first vlog. I love Shin Ram Yun. Have you tried it with cheese? YUMMY!

  2. i admire you say! thank you for this line "if you’re not going to do this now, when will you ever do it" i think i must apply this to myself. :)) more power Godbless!:*

  3. I wish I have your guts. You'll be more blessed because you know how to deal with life's challenges.

  4. Go Say! I also wanted to vlog actively but because of my tight schedule at work plus now that I have a baby it kinda impossible but I'm doing my best to update my channel.