Thursday, 29 March 2012

Instagram Photos: Inside the Dressing Room & A Whole Lot of Shopping

Today is March 29, 2012. A day to go before I leave for Cebu. I still haven’t purchased enough clothes for the trip so I had to make a dash to the mall and find them. My whole basic plan for my wardrobe during this trip is easy & fuss-free: maxi-dresses and jumpsuits! That way, my luggage would be lighter (although I won’t bet on it) sans heavy jeans and stuff like that. When Mama and I went to Greenhills, I was able to purchase a blue maxi (which I haven’t shown anyone yet since I didn’t vlog not IG-ed it) but that was it. I needed more for my 5-day stay in another city away from home!

I got to the mall at noontime. The only brand I went to is Coco Cabana. (I sounded like a sirang plaka saying the brand over and over again in my vlog) Anyway, I was only allowed to try on 3 dresses per fitting session, so I was in and out the dressing room for like 8 times! I counted! I was there, trying on clothes for 3 full hours! I’m not even kidding. Well, let’s see what consumed my time: taking photos of each dresses & VLOGGING!

Let me show you the dresses I tried on (and which of them I got):


IMG_1904n (66)

First is this mint green dress (I don’t really know what it’s called)—it caught my eye and I felt some kind of connection! I don’t usually wear this color, but oh mama, I fell in love. Look how flowy! I totally bought it! (PHP 799.75)


Now THIS baby was mine the moment I laid eyes on it. Something about it just attracted me soooooo much! It must be the print! It’s a jumpsuit, by the way. Kind of loose on the midsection, but wearing a belt would help. Totally bought it! (PHP 799.75

IMG_1904n (67)

This maxi looked really gorgeous. Very matron-ly (as one of my Twitter followers told me) I love how bizarre the pattern is on this dress. The embellished V-neck area was really sexy. Again, I never wore these kinds so it was pretty new to me! I loved it, but I didn’t buy it.

IMG_1904n (69)

This maxi is pretty regular. It was long. And pink. And surprisingly, I didn’t like it that much. It’s perfect for the beach, though! I didn’t buy it.

IMG_1904n (70)

Onto swimsuits. This swimsuit is specially designed to give your midsection a curvier look—which I really loved! It’s from the same brand. I didn’t buy this one because…

IMG_1904n (71)

…I fell in love with this one! It has an asymmetrical design and hugs all the curves in the right places as well! I bought this one. (PHP 899.75)

IMG_1904n (72)

The other jumpsuits were blech. Made me look fat! So I passed!


I actually left Coco Cabana since I had a hard time choosing which to buy! I went to Burger King to use their fast Wi-fi to post photos via IG and ask people’s opinion. After that, I went to Lay Bare to get some waxing done. After that was I only able to go back to Coco Cabana and pick out my paboritos.


Oh yeah, this is how I looked like before all the fitting!


I forgot to included this in the vlog/IG, I bought this beautiful red long-sleeved top from Weekender. It feels sooooo soft on the skin!!! It’s red, and loose-fitting! Definitely got it. (PHP 699.75)

I spent a lot of money on these clothes. So I am officially grounding myself from shopping for 2 months (in preparation for my 21st birthday as well! I’ve got something grand in mind!)


Before I end this, let me share what I had for a late night drink—PINK LEMONADE! Oh yeah.

And here’s a really short vlog about all my shopping:

Love, Say


  1. i love it! laybare din ako pa wax. :))

  2. i wonder what service did you avail at laybare :) sorry if too personal..:)

  3. I love pink lemonade too! Where did you buy that? paubos na kasi yung sken ^_^ super like ko yung mint green dress the color is so cool and and cute ng design. I hope you have fun in Cebu! :)

  4. Say, just turning 21? Oh my! Fab!

  5. Say, just turning 21? Oh my! So fab! :D

  6. I love the jumpsuit! :) Do you also got the red long-sleeved top from SM Dept. Store? And same question with photoescape, where did you buy the pink lemonade? thanks. :)