Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Instagram Photos: Whey Protein & Bikini Shopping

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Went bikini shopping last Sunday for Cebu! I bought this bikini from Coco Cabana—it fits me perfectly! And I know how blue it appears on the photo, but in real life it’s purple! (I’m always wondering why this happens…looks like I should Google right about now)

So based on this site, purple is at the very end of the spectrum of visible light. So the phone camera’s sensor is not sensitive towards it (whatever that means)

Anyhow, if you’ve known me my whole life (especially when I was 170 pounds) you’d know that I would never have the guts to wear a 2 piece bikini. But thanks to BodyRock.tv (for almost 2-3 years now) I am more comfortable with my figure. **and please don’t give me all this conservativeness crap—I’m 20 years old, and I have the freedom to blog about this** I won’t even go in depth about all this conservative issue. If only people could be more open-minded.

By the way, the bikini costs PHP 699.75

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Picked up another pack of GNC’s Whey Protein. The be-Buff will pretty much be out of stock for the next weeks so I gave this one a try. Why I use this? For muscle toning. If you are a workout junkie, whey protein is your best friend. Expensive at PHP 1,199.00 (1 pound) but it’s worth it.

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Ideal breakfast, sunny side up with 2 pieces of toasts

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A healthier breakfast: banana-mango smoothie with whey! *I’ll be putting up a video on this very soon!* P.S. I got my Blender Bottle from GNC Live Well as well for about PHP 500++ (it’s a cool bottle) Look it up on Google. Blender Bottle.

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Bought this for Paulo. I’ll be flying to Cebu this Saturday and I know this’ll make him happy. He loves this stuff. Pink Lemonade, baby. Oh yeah. PHP 199.75 at supermarkets.

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Arrived this morning! Thank you PinkBox Accessories. This is something to watch out for!

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The man in between my legs. I love how Jacky Wacky Backy lays down on my leg to sleep. Such a sweetiepie.

Love, Say


  1. love your blogs! as always say! TC i know ur pretty much excited to see paolo! the long wait is over in 2 days ull be there in CEBU!

  2. i love ur blogs as always say!!! :) Whoooow i know ur pretty much excited to see paulo! well the long wait is over in 2 days ull be in CEBU TC say! missu

  3. you were 170 pounds? I don't believe you! You are so sexy right now! You are now my thinspiration!!! Teach me how to diet! :) Love you! :)

  4. You once weighed 170lbs?! Swear?????????

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