Monday, 5 March 2012

A Night in Bayview Park Hotel

Last March 23, my sister and I checked in at Bayview Park Hotel Manila  to have a place to do hers and her friends’ hair and makeup prior to the event (prom). A night’s stay at Manila Hotel (actual venue of their prom) will cost us money, so we settled for Bayview instead. People from Twitter/Instagram thought I flew to Cebu already! But I just stayed the night at the hotel. Cebu’s not until the 31st of March.

At Bayview Park Hotel. You get what you pay for. I wasn’t really impressed by the staff (both those that were at the reception including the bellboys) Anyhoo, entrance of the hotel was okay. Nothing fancy, really.

IMG_0429bayview (135)

Here are all our luggage. Got to use my suitcase for the first time, and as well as my new traincase!

IMG_0576B (5)

We availed of the DeLuxe room: 1 single bed, 1 queen-sized bed, 1 bath, TV, dresser, minibar

Shell-shaped soap box

IMG_0429bayview (133)


IMG_0429bayview (132)


IMG_0429bayview (130)

Cozy bed—I had the best sleep on this baby. First night without all the dogs around me

IMG_0576B (2)

After doing the hair and makeup of my sisters and her friends and when they left for Manila Hotel, I drew myself a hot bath before cleaning up the room. It was a mess because all my stuff were scattered! It was a disaster area. I’ve never felt sooooo relaxed while in the tub. Scary thing was I could hear the opening and closing of the door of the room above ours and actually thought it was our door that opened. Freaked out for a while.

IMG_0429bayview (89)

I watched Spongebob all night long! Good thing it was on marathon showing.

IMG_0429bayview (84)

After cleaning up the room, I went downstairs to buy myself dinner. I went to Starbucks to get Java Chip and the cashier congratulated me for winning a free tall sized drink! It was so cool. A lot of things happen the least you expect them.

IMG_0429bayview (78)

Watched the awesome BenjiManTV who took over ItsJudysLife!

IMG_0429bayview (74)

Ready to go to bed but I had to wait for my sister because I am an awesome sibling. Hahaha!

IMG_0429bayview (57)

So I decided to take Instagram photos starting with my traincase!!! 5 minutes later, my sister and her friends arrived! After more photo-taking, we called it a night. Although, I did watch American Dad till 2AM!

IMG_0429bayview (54)

March 24, 2012—Good morning!!! This is the view that greeted me when I opened my eyes.

IMG_0429bayview (52)

I showered and did my makeup and immediately started with my filming. I filmed my traincase video! The lighting and set up in our hotel room was perfect.

IMG_0429bayview (50)

IMG_0430A (5)

Watch the video here:

When I finished filming, my sister and I went downstairs to buy breakfast before checking out. We got ourselves drinks from Starbucks (I availed of my free drink) and headed to Yellow Cab for awesome food. I had this Ciabatta which is super awesome!!! I got soooo full I couldn’t finish it.

IMG_0429bayview (20)

The first coffee jelly that ever disappointed me—all the flavor was down at the bottom. Something wasn’t right.

IMG_0429bayview (4)

Here I am having a twice-baked potato half from Yellow Cab. Look how cheesy!

IMG_0429bayview (3)

And my yummy ciabatta right here

IMG_0429bayview (1)

It was definitely a fun night+day. We checked out right after having breakfast and was back home by 1PM.

IMG_0576B (3)

Watch my video blog about this day! “Alone in a Hotel Room”



  1. ms. say, you went to bay view hotel last march 23, 2011?

  2. love your train case and luggage talaga! :) and you, my dear, looks absolutely amazing every time! must try two-baked potato and ciabatta soon :)