Thursday, 15 March 2012

Blessings, Cheesecake and More Makeup


Taken: February 24, 2012 6:29PM

A bright star was right above the moon. We have the most awesome view outside our window!

IMG_0430A (9)

Taken: February 14, 2012

So blessed to be invited to be a speaker in DLSU’s LEAP Program! This was my first time ever to teach a whole class! I had so much fun. Thank you so much La Sallians! (Read my post about this event here.)

IMG_0430A (10)

Taken: February 22, 2012

With Sabrina, Andee, Trina, and Teena—my YouTube friends! I had so much fun with them. Isn’t it amazing how we all met online? I am so glad I found genuine friends in these lovely girls. Read my post about the Cosmetologie 2012 Fair here. We also filmed a couple of videos together. You can watch them here:

IMG_0430A (12)

Taken: February 26, 2012

Helped out with my sister’s magazine project—which turned out super amazing! Click here to view the layout of the magazine and here to read my blog post about this gig.

IMG_0576B (1)

When faced with a heck lotta stuff to do, you really have to load up on caffeine! I love my Java Chip!  But of course Coffee Jelly will always be my #1!

IMG_0640B (1)

Here I am filming our February episode for the beauty campaign with Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals! Wanna see more of the look? Watch the video:

IMG_0709C (10)

Here are the products I usually use to achieve a natural looking makeup look for school! I actually filmed a look on this for the graduates of 2012. You can watch it here:

IMG_0709C (9)

I had the most wonderful time during the Meet & Greet at the Krave Minerale Booth during the Go Negosyo! Bazaar last March 2!  I met a lot of my amazing readers and did makeovers on a couple of ladies. Thank you Krave Minerale for this opportunity! You can watch this vlog to know more about what happened that day:

IMG_0709C (7)

A shot of my baby at work!

IMG_0709C (5)

One of the best oreo cheesecake I’ve ever tasted! You can try it out at The Pit Resto Bar and Grill (Asturias Street, along Dapitan near UST)

IMG_0709C (2)

This arrived a couple of days ago! Everything from Krave Minerale—one of my generous sponsors for my 10,000+ Subscribers Giveaway (still going on!) Watch this video to know how to be eligible to win these and more!

IMG_0709C (1)

Remember this post that I made during the Trinket Town Bazaar that my sister and I participated in? The shop that I bought NYX products from (Ysh’s Boutique) contacted me and sent me awesome stuff to try out! So stoked to make tutorials on these.

To God be all the glory.

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  1. Aww you are truly blessed because you deserve it Ms.Say, you inspire me that despite the busy schedule that you have you still have time to nurture and pursue your passion, keep it up! we're always here for you :)