Sunday, 18 March 2012

St. Giles Hotel Room Tour, Salon Pampering and Work

March 10, 2012

I had the most stressful day in school. Got home by 7:30PM, picked up my luggage and hailed a taxi to Makati. Sarah invited me to stay the night with her at St. Giles Hotel. Sarah is one of the best people I’ve worked with (working with, actually) she is the owner of Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione (I’m sure you’ve heard this from me a billion times already) It was really exciting to spend time with her! We’ve never actually bonded before (other than during bazaars and stuff like that) Well now, I am going to give you an interesting story of what transpired throughout my stay with Sarah.

I arrived at the hotel earlier than Sarah, I had enough time to do a quick hotel room tour (you can watch it here) and take photos! Pretty cool how my personal blog is turning into some sort of hotel/traveling (soon) blog!

IMG_10781 (78)

We stayed at the 27th floor. The room was really nice. Let me give you a tour:


We got to orbs right there which is pretty scary huh? Don’t worry I didn’t experience any kind of paranormal activity. This is what you will see upon opening the door.


We have this closet containing an ironing board, safe box, hangers, and shoe compartments.


The desk and the seating area


An area wherein you can do your makeup and hair (blow dryer included)



We have the bed, comfortable and clean!


The bathroom complete with bath towels, mats, soap, shower gel/shampoo…etc.


Of course, I had to do this.


I had some fish and chips while waiting for Sarah. Such a huge serving! The hotel’s food services are very quick—you get your order in about 20 minutes! *The fish together with lemon juice tasted wonderful!!!


Spongebob and Patrick kept me company. (Wow, I am 20 years old and I still watch this.)


I took this photo for Paulo. I love making him jealous over food. (laughs) Look how big that plate is! It was quite heavy too!


Sarah arrived after an hour and we filmed together! The video is actually up in YouTube already. Wanna watch it? CLICK HERE! (I’ve also embedded it right below Sarah’s photo)  We were super pleased with how the photo turned out. I was telling Sarah how awful the lighting was (hotel lighting is always yellow) but we were super glad when we took her photo with flash! She looked so beautiful. And look how white her teeth are!


Sarah ordered MORE food (which we didn’t finish at all) Clubhouse Sandwich with tons of fries and Prawn/Shrimp carbonara.


We spent the rest of the night putting face masques on, catching up on gossip, life, work and more! We called it a day at 3:00AM.

March 11, 2012

“5 o’clock pala ah!” were the first words I heard from Sarah. Hahaha! I was supposed to wake up super early to prepare for a jampacked Sunday! I woke up at 9!

We had breakfast together! American Breakfast with bacon, ham, toast, egg, tomatoes, sausages, juice, and coffee.


Left the hotel at around 10:20AM and headed to Hair Philosophie Salon for a treatment! I received a sponsorship from them a few days ago and it was really such a fun experience. I won’t expound further as I have a 1,000+ worded blog entry about it. Click here to read all about the treatment I had.


After the salon, my photographer Mark Bradford picked me up together with the model for our shoot that day. Here I am taking a break from all the work. I had my gear on! *This ELF brush belt came from my bestfriend Joanne, Jo, I love it!!! It’s been SOOO helpful! I love you!*


Mark ordered pizza!  I was too busy filming some videos so I only had 1 square slice with lotsa chili flakes.


After the shoot I headed back to St. Giles and spent the rest of the day with Sarah. We went up to the 35th floor to check out the swimming area.


Enjoyed the overwhelming view of Makati. It was really breezy and cool! Lounged with Sarah for about 30 minutes!


One of my favorite photos with Sarah!


Before leaving the penthouse! Look how beautiful.


Before I left the hotel,  Sarah ordered some dessert! Mango Crepe and a delicious pancake!



Thank you so much Sarah for the wonderful weekend! Looking forward to our next trip! You are such a wonderful friend. Working with you is one of the biggest blessings I’ve been given. Love you!!!


Watch my Day in the Life of Say Vlog for this two days + my salon trip here:

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