Monday, 28 May 2012

21st Birthday Wishlist

Why do we make wish lists? I found this article on the internet.


Personally, I make wish lists to motivate myself. As great as it would be to receive them as presents from other people, I still know I can work my ass off to get these things with my own money. You might ask me why I am so driven, so passionate with blogging and making videos? It’s simply because I want to live the life I imagined. Getting the things you know you worked hard for? Best feeling in the world.

Starting off with…

  1. A kettlebell—not anymore! I bought myself a 10-lbs kettlebell a few weeks ago! I love working out with it!
  2. Studio light for night filming—not anymore! I just bought it on May 11, 2012. It was an impulse BUT NECESSARY purchase! With everything going on in my life in the mornings and afternoons, I only have the nighttime to use for filming. I am admitting that I now see YouTube as my passion but most importantly my work. And there are deadlines to meet now. Some of which were set for me, some, I set for myself. No way am I complaining. I am way too blessed to have my passion as my work.
  3. Vlogging camera—I use my iPhone 4 to vlog. It’s pretty great, but in the long run I know I’d need a separate vlogging camera. I’ve been looking around for a while now, and I’ve set my eyes on the CANON IXUS 220HS (the same vlogging camera of Judy and Benji) I’ve personally seen it when they were here in the Philippines, and the quality of the camera is undeniable! I tried it at the camera store last week and the only thing I did not like about it is that it doesn’t auto-focus. I tried another camera, the CANON IXUS 230HS and I was blown. It auto-focuses! But then after I edited the vlog for that day, I realized it’s the same camera that Judy ranted about. It has problems with the audio! *muffled sound* So at the moment, I am still searching. The 220 HS might  be the best choice, though.
  4. Lumix GF3/Canon Powershot SX230HS—I could use an upgrade from my HP V5560U for better quality videos and these two are my choices. Hopefully getting the latter midyear this year (it’ll also be perfect for vlogging!)
  5. MAC Book Pro—this might take me a longer time, but you’ll never know ;)
  6. Portable Lighted Mirror—to take with me during makeup gigs!
  7. Director’s Chair—to forever banish back ache while doing my clients’ hair and makeup!
  8. INSANITY WORKOUT DVD’S—I’ve been wanting this FOREVER! My good friend from India told me he’d be sending me copies!
  9. Elliptical machine—sports equipment come in second to makeup; I’d use my elliptical over and over and over again; this is on my priority list!
  10. Juicer—to start juicing for life!

Notice something?

NO MAKEUP ON THIS LIST!!! I am deeply grateful to all my sponsors and all the wonderful companies both here in the Philippines and abroad who helped me build up my collection. Forever grateful.

I could no longer think of anything else to add on the list.

Next step is to watch myself work harder to cross off all the uncrossed items on the list! Will update this is within the year! Let’s see how I’d do.

Anybody else turning 21? Happy birthday soon!


  1. I hope you received a Canon Ixus 220HS for your birthday. :)

  2. awwww... you're so blessed talaga.. im so happy for you ms. Say! :)

  3. Happy Birthday say! I turned 21 this year but a few months ago. Anyway, have a great one! :p

  4. Advance Happy Birthday Ate Say ^_^