Thursday, 24 May 2012

Healthy Food, Lancome, and a Business Meeting

2 years ago, I was an untalented nobody who entered the world of YouTube. I never thought I’d be able to get sponsors like Michelle Phan did back in the days. I just always uttered, “Some day…”

Guess what? Some day came a few days ago! It was with amazement and gladness when I read an email from LANCOME PHILIPPINES! *dies and comes back to life*

This is so amazing. Lancome, baby. Lancome. Can’t wait to share what’s inside this baby bag.


I’ve been sick the past few days—which explains why I have not put up a new video in 3 days. I have been filming every night, but I always end up deleting ALL the clips because I don’t like the outcome at all. 2 nights in a row that happened to me. Until I told myself that I should not push it any more else I’ll be sicker than ever. SO, my most recent grocery shopping included lots of healthy stuff to kick all the sickness away!

I’m back to eating oatmeal, I have my crackers, 100% pineapple juice, yogurt, and fresh fruit slices! All for PHP 490++.


This was my dinner the other night. Blended mangoes and pineapple juice together. Oohh baby, the best taste ever.


Teased my readers about the brush set to be given away. Hopefully I’ll be able to film a good video tonight about these so we could start with the contest already!


My look for today. Ran errands and attended a business meeting with Pevonia Botanica during lunch before I went to work. Paulo did not like the glasses. He is anti-anything jejemon-looking. Hahahaha. Oh by the way, when I woke up this morning, I felt SOOOO much better! No more achy aches on the back and my joints. A little handsome puppy named Harry woke me up. He is growing up waaay too fast.

Oh, I finally found my PinkBox crab clip! I’ve been looking all over for it.


So, the business meeting was with Pevonia Botanica. I met Elaine, the company’s Social Media Marketing Manager. She was so fun to be with! Now I won’t be talking about what we discussed, because I think sharing the FOOD we had would be more interesting!

We had lunch at Rack’s. This is Shrimp Scampi. The best shrimp salad I’ve ever had. Although it is clear to me that I am allergic to shrimp, I still had it. My mouth was all like, “Ohhhhh biatch, you know we’re allergic.” (started itching) but then I was all like, “Shut up, mouth.” Muy bien muy bien.


We ordered Racks Baby Back Ribs and 2 side dishes! Potato salad and mashed potato. Mmmm…


What I had on my plate. Soooooo delicious. Everything with Rack’s BBQ sauce was delicioso!


A gift from Pevonia Botanica. Cannot wait to try this out. Thank you Elaine!



  1. hi! im so glad for all your blessings! you deserve it.

    by the way, is there a link or website for beauty cosmetics? I am so wanting their brushes as they look so great. thank you in advance and more power to you!

  2. i'm just starting following your blog also your YouTube make up video, it was awesome and help me a lot to do my own make up.. KEEP IT up :))

  3. i'm just starting following your blog also your YouTube make up video, it was awesome and help me a lot to do my own make up.. KEEP IT up :))

  4. Pineapple juice (the one with vitamins a-c-e) really does wonders when you are feeling sick. It worked well for
    me! Tried and tested in the midst of Ondoy! :) congratulations on your lancome sponsorship, I just started blogging and I am still learning the ropes.. And hearing that from
    you gives a spark of inspiration for wannabes like me haha

  5. I honestly don't think you were ever untalented, Say! I've been reading your entries and sometimes watching your vids from when you were using 100% "drugstore" brands and even then you were already creating very nice looks. And I could already pick up tips from you. I think you had raw talent then, you just became more professional now. Congratulations on Lancome! You really deserve it for working so hard and being a pioneer in vlogging here in PH. Cheers! :)