Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 3 in Cebu (Breakfast at La Marina, More Swimming & Meeting Cebu Readers)

Day 3 in Cebu.

Woke up to a beautiful morning still in Costabella Resort. Paulo and I got up for breakfast buffet at La Marina. If you watched the previous vlog, you’d notice that I was wearing the same outfit during dinner! I just really love how maxi dresses feel so comfortable. I’d wear them everyday of my life if I could.


Here’s my baby all handsome, he has the exact same smile like his momma Tita Sharon.


I was ecstatic to see cereals since I was craving for some since I landed in Cebu!


La Marina served a lot of food—there was a salad bar, cereal bar, egg station, fruit station, congee, native hot chocolate…etc.


Look how cool these cereal dispensers are!


I tried out the native hot chocolate and it tasted sooooo good! Even better because of the little cups!


Here’s what I had on my plate: pancake, sausages, eggs and a beef patty


I had this omelette made at the egg station. I didn’t finish it because I’m not quite used to eating egg with the insides still all gooey, although I know that’s how omelettes are supposed to be.


I loved the pancakes and the french toasts! Especially with all the syrup! Mmmm…


After breakfast we headed to the beach for more swimming & basking in the sun. My second swimsuit is from Coco Cabana. What I love most about it is the asymmetrical strap!


We went swimming in the pools after the beach and then it started pouring rain!


Here’s the funny incident that I did not mention in the vlog.

I wanted to slide down the pool slide so I went up the stairs feeling all confident. I looked down the slide and just froze & chickened out! And then there was this handsome American kid who went up the stairs and looked at me. I told him, “You go first.” And he said, “No, go ahead!” long story short, he was able to slide down 5 freaking times while trying to convince me that it’s easy to slide down! LOL! When I finally mustered up the courage, I slid down and SPLASH!!! I thought I was gonna drown! LOL! I HATE WATER!!! I don’t even float!!! I’m too stiff underwater. Perhaps it’s because I almost drowned in a 10-ft pool when I was young.

While I was waiting for Paulo to get our things before heading back to the room, the American kid passed by and told me, “Next time try backwards!” –end of story.


Before checking out the hotel. I loooove my jumpsuit. This one’s from Coco Cabana, too!


Paulo and I checked out at 1PM, rode this cab who insisted we add PHP30.00 to the fare. When we got home, I told Paulo to tell him that we didn’t have an extra 30.00 and got our asses out the cab! Come on, you’re not supposed to pay more than what’s reflected on the taxi meter! That’s illegal! Anyhoo, after resting for a little while, Paulo and I headed to Gaisano Mall to have lunch. There weren’t too many choices so we ate at Mang Inasal.


I am so addicted to Pancit Malabon!


Paulo had chicken and we shared a plate of sizzling tuna sisig!

Upon arriving home, I took a quick nap and then started preparing for the meet and greet with my Cebuana readers!

I picked Red Mango at Ayala Center Cebu to be the venue of the meet and greet because I wanted to get some yogurt—hahaha, if you noticed, my first Meet & Greet was also at Red Mango in the Mall of Asia!

Here are the wonderful people I met and spent time with! (L-R) Jhoye, Eunice, Jong, Annie


This is Jhelli of Red Jhelli Shop! Such a sweet, nice girl!


With Jhoye and her husband! Such amazing people. Taught me a lot of Cebuano words [which I now have forgotten]


Jhoye’s husband with Paulo! How sweet of Jhoye to ask him to sit with us so that Paulo could have somebody to talk to! :) Guess what? They have same interests! Thank you Kuya!


Beautiful ladies! The gorgeous mama in white is Jhelli’s mom!


With Jong


With Eunice


With the friend I was dying to meet in person! ANNIE!!! We met each other on Twitter! I super love her! She’s been so nice to me!!! She suggested places to go to, restaurants to eat at, she even called up hotels that we were planning to book waaay waaay before I flew to Cebu!


With the beautiful ladies


After the meet and greet we went to have dinner! Eunice and Jong tagged along. Annie drove us to IT Park and we dined in at Mooon Café since Casa Verde was PACKED!


Of course I had mango smoothie


Paulo ordered ribs! They were humongous BUT were priced super affordably!!! I was like, WHAT? Only 200++?


My 6-stick BBQ which I did not like. I wanted the ribs too!!! Why don’t we have Mooon Café in Manila?!


Before going home, Annie told me we should pass by La Marea!


Home of the famous warm brownie cups!


They had all kinds of pastries!


Annie’s mochi ice cream, my warm brownie cup and Paulo’s frappe


Annie drove us home (thank you so much Annie!) Surprisingly, Paulo’s house and her place are just close to each other! Annie handed me a huge package full of danggit, makeup remover and this--


Apparently, she wants to fatten me up! (LOL, thank you Annie!)

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  1. I love and miss you!! <3 Can't wait to see you again here or in Manila :) :*

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed my hometown! :)