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Day 4 in Cebu - First Cebu Lechon Experience

April 3, 2012—My fourth day in beautiful Cebu! Forced myself to wake up because I promised Roefan (a Cebuana reader of mine) that I’d meet her at SM City Cebu since she missed the Meet & Greet the day before. SM Cebu is about 30-minutes away from Paulo’s house. We took the jeepney! If you watch my vlog, you’d see how different the jeep in Cebu are! More sosyal! And I learned from Paulo that in Cebu, you don’t say “BAYAD PO” You say “ PLITI”  and when you want to get off, you don’t say “PARA”, you say “LUGAR LANG” I felt so uncomfortable saying those words so I just let Paulo say them. Hahaha! I remember I was in the middle, and this woman wanted me to pass her payment to the driver, I got the money, and I said, “Babe, sabihin mo sa driver ito yung bayad.” LOL I swear I saw a person inside the jeep laugh at me.

We finally arrived at SM Cebu and I met up with Roefan at Brownies! Here she is! (I looked so pale! I didn’t want to put any makeup on because of the crazy heat!!!) Anyway, Roefan is 3 months pregnant in this photo! <3 So cute!!!


Here’s a photo of me & Roefan with Nina, Roefan’s friend!


After meeting Roefan and chitchatting a bit, Paulo and I walked around the mall. SM Cebu’s F21 is HUGE! I had a great time vlogging the whole time. Next stop: Koldkiss Milkshake Factory!!! I first read about this on Maricarljanah’s blog, so it was really familiar when I saw it! I ordered oreo milkshake, and man, oh man. LAMI KAAYO!!!

IMG_12232 (286)


Paulo and I went to Bigby’s for lunch! We were both hunting for ribs!!!

IMG_12232 (287)DSC09727



Fat fries


Ohhhhh yeah, this is what we’re talking about! RACK-A-BYE RIBS!


After having food coma, Paulo and I went to COLON next! Colon is like Recto in Manila (from what Paulo told me and what I saw around the place) We got off the jeepney and walked along the cathedrals and churches. We visited Magellan’s cross as well! It was huge!


I’d share my photo with the cross if I didn’t look so sweaty!

Up next is pasalubong-shopping!

IMG_12232 (294)IMG_12232 (304)IMG_12232 (305)

I had to get mangoes for everyone back home! Piaya for mom, otap for dad, keychain for sisters…etc.

IMG_12232 (312)

After burning like 2 million calories from all the heat and walking in Colon, Paulo and I finally got HOME!!!

I reaaaaally wanted to rest so badly, but we gave the doggies a bath. I miss giving them baths! I used to do it all the time when they were still here in Manila. My babies have grown up soooo fast. And I’m glad they still know their Momma Say.

After giving the dogs a bath, I freshened up and hurriedly headed out to Capitol to meet Annie! We scheduled another dinner together! This time at ZUBUCHON! I was really thinking, “Wow, that sounds Korean.” *stupid me* Hahaha! Turns out it’s a LECHON restaurant!

Poor Annie waited for us for quite a bit!!! Look how pretty she looks like!!!

IMG_12232 (314)IMG_12232 (315)

We ordered 1/2 kilo of Zubuchon, eggplant salad & lechon sinigang!

IMG_12232 (320)

The placemat! Quoted ‘THE BEST PIG EVER’ by Anthony Bourdain!

IMG_12232 (321)

OMG OMG! Pineapple smoothie! ANOTHER LAMI JUD KAAYO!!!

IMG_12232 (323)DSC09749DSC09751DSC09753DSC09754

That was one of the best dinners ever and actually my FIRST Lechon meal in Cebu!

Thank you so much Annie!!! You are forever a sweetheart!

Watch the vlog here:

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