Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 5-7 in Cebu–Dried Fish & Paulo Does My Makeup

Day 5 in Cebu (April 4)

I didn’t even start vlogging till 6PM! It was a rest day for Paulo and I. Come dinner time, we went out to buy food! I got to try out the automated tubig machine! (ATM) All I can is COOL KAAYO! We bought BBQ & pu-so for dindin! The pu-so was too GAHI!!! (too hard to chew) but nevertheless, I’m glad I was able to eat it! We ate Filipino style!

IMG_12232 (333)

This is the ATM! They have LOTS of this in every street! Very understandable given the unbearable heat in Cebu!

IMG_12232 (331)

Day 6 in Cebu (April 5)

I woke up early to re-edit the BF Tag video which kept on crashing the day before! Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet:

Paulo and I went to Jollibee to have brunch. We both had Chicken Joy!

IMG_12232 (338)

After eating, we went to buy DVD’s (lol I don’t think their fake DVD stores there gets raided ever!) Paulo and I watched Jack & Jill by Adam Sandler the whole afternoon and just rested. We were not able to go to the mall because everything was closed! *Holy Thursday*

For dinner, I cooked danggit from Annie!

IMG_12232 (342)

Day 7 in Cebu (April 6, 2012)

We had tuna, danggit, eggs, and WARM PU-SO for breakfast!!! I love warm pu-so!

IMG_12232 (349)

The only agenda Paulo and I had for that day was to FILM TOGETHER!!! Look at him all serious with his makeup!

IMG_12232 (354)

As you can clearly see, my babe’s such an artist! People LOVED him in YouTube!!! <3

IMG_12232 (359)

Watch the video here!

After filming the BF Does My Makeup video, I went ahead and squeezed in a makeup tutorial! I used the MAC Call Me Bubbles Quad in this look.

IMG_12232 (366)

Here’s the tutorial:

We filmed another video answering Q’s from my readers, as well! I still have to work on that video, though.

Paulo and I went to McDonald’s to eat late lunch after all the filming! I went out with my Call Me Bubbles makeup, and I felt conscious LOL I was wearing lashes, too!

IMG_12232 (373)

Watch the vlogs here:

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