Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Makeup, Soup in a Bread, and a Pretty Pot of Faux Flowers

This is exactly why I love Instagram. I can always blog through the photos I take everyday! Here is another set of IG photos with stories behind each of them. Enjoy!

What came in the mail a few days ago! Do you recognize them? They’re products from 4U2!!! I squealed when they sent me an email. I am so happy that my videos impressed them! Have you seen 4U2 at SM Department Stores and Watsons? :)


Just a few days ago, I was thinking to myself, I really lack makeup brushes. I was actually already planning to purchase a brand new set to expand my collection for personal and professional use [for clients]. Little did I know, God already arranged it for me! 2 days after my silent “I lack makeup brushes” thinking, I received such awesome news in the email! And the first good news arrived a few days ago! These are brushes from Beauty Cosmetics! You might have already seen them in my recent videos. Rosenn from Beauty Cosmetics gave me (2) different sets!!! She is so sweet! I have yet to put up my review for these, but all I can say is, I have never been so impressed by any other brushes (except Sigma brushes—which I ADORE) other than these. What’s even better is that a lucky someone will have the chance to own one, too!!! *spilling the beans ASAP—but it’s pretty obvious we’re going to have a giveaway!*


These are products of my impulsive shopping. A pair of lashes (I convinced myself how amazing they are because they have invisible bands), a gold neckpiece (I convinced myself I needed it for a makeup tutorial), and a face primer (I convinced myself I needed it because I don’t have any)


I attended the Goody Girl event last week! And this is what’s inside the goody bag! Can a 20-year-old wear these? Definitely!


These are the 4U2 products again, but this time, undergoing a product shoot.


I love my studio light. It has made everything much easier for me.


The most recent haul that I did! Watch the video embedded after the photo!


Look at the beautiful clutch from Charriol! I love how it comes in the color amethyst—my birthstone! I wish I opened the boxes. One contains the newest eau de toilette, Show Off, while the other one contains a bag holder.


Peculiar, yet interesting cloud formation, taken right outside our window.


After filming the haul video! YES I did take off the lenses because I couldn’t bare to film with glares all over the video! *and that is for all the people who found it weird that I was only wearing frames* (oh the narrow-minds)


I was rushing to the office the other day that I did not have time to do my makeup. What I did was mix my PhotoReady foundation together with my Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream. I loooove it!


My favorite from The French Baker! Oh yeah.


A pretty pot of faux flowers that I bought! 449.50 from SM. You’ll be seeing this in my next videos!


Passed by McDonald’s to get some breakfast & packed lunch before I headed to the office.


So cute!


I still owe people a hair tutorial, but it’s super easy! I just teased my crown, pinned at the back, braided strands from one side, and pulled it to the other.



  1. i love your new items... geez... hope i can join to your new give away i like to have a brush set... :))

  2. Wow. You had a great week! I like the eyeshadow duo from 4U2! I have that in green, and it's my absolute favorite in the world! Very pigmented and so satiny to apply. Can't wait for the reviews and the giveaway! :D

  3. awesome!!! :D <3 <3 <3 excited for the giveaway..haha! though I am certain I will not win coz I never win these things.. :( anyhooo! keep up the good work! Godbless!

  4. i hope i can win of those brushes say. i so love these brushes. how are you?

  5. i hope i can win those beauty cosmetics brushes, Say. i so love them though i don`t have those. :) how are you? i hope you doing great. god bless you always.