Thursday, 28 June 2012

Polaroid Shots, Beautiful Brushes, and Makeup

2:35AM and I am still awake albeit feeling really tired. Last night’s workout was a killer. Jillian Michaels is my goddess. And I am currently taking on a 2-week challenge, and I just wanna prove myself that I can do it. I really can!!! I’ll spill the beans after!

No doubt that this is going to be yet another wave of Instagram photos…

How adorably cute is this polaroid?!?!?! My friends from Singapore, Toni and Rafael, had a date with me a few days ago (if you wanna watch our vlog, here it is) They got this from SG!!! I loooove it.


This is Toni! Yes, the Toni behind the amazing HOPE Brushes!!! Haven’t heard about those? Read this post to get the FIRST LOOK! :) The brushes won’t be launching till August!


A super kawaii photo of Rafael, myself and Toni!


Here are the brushes I was telling you about. Too much love put into these.


MANGO’S ON SALE! I got this super plain V-neck shirt for PHP 495.00 I love it! And I actually wanna go back and get the rest of the colors!


After Toni’s “What’s in my makeup bag” segment in my vlog, I think my subconscious recorded that I should get my own ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder, and so I did! 249.75.00 at ELF Counters. And I freaking love this.


This was taken two days ago! Was doing my makeup while watching Dulce Candy! Love her!


Did a little product shoot with these. I love Neutrogena forever and ever.


The newest Rouge in Love lip colors from Lancome! Wearing one of these tomorrow to school! Can’t wait to try them out!


More good stuff from Lancome


Current favorites!!! The Falsies, Hi-Definer Pro-Eyeliner from ModelsOwn and the Dermstore Lip Quench!!! (given to me by my subscriber from Seattle Washington! Thank you Danielle!) I got the The Falsies in a pack of 2 at Duty Free for only $14.00!! I saved PHP200++! And the Hi-Definer Liner is from Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione. ;)


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