Tuesday, 3 July 2012

RECIPE: My Favorite Salad

Hi everyone!

I’ve been getting questions on Instagram and on Twitter on how I make my salads nowadays. If you didn’t know, I’ve been on a super healthy diet kick for the past few days [if you’re following me on Twitter and IG, you’d notice!] and I have been super super obsessed with this salad that I whipped up myself. It’s super easy to make, really tasty and delicious, and I am going to share the “recipe”.

I call this the… “Say’s Super Scrumptious Salad” (LOL, just kidding!)


You will need  lettuce!!! These are the ones I just bought from the supermarket today. You can use whatever type of lettuce you prefer. Wash them before you eat ‘em! I noticed this semi-waxy feel on the leaves while I was washing them—and I thought to myself, “that can’t be good.” So remember to WASH before you eat.


Up next, you are going to need chicken breasts—without the bones. It’s better to buy at the wet market than the supermarket, coz’ I paid PHP 200.00 for a kilo from the supermarket, as when you buy at the palengke, you’re only going to pay PHP 120+ (according to my mom) You would want to season them with salt and pepper—that’s all! Refrigerate after seasoning. And cut into strips/cubes before frying.


I have developed this super weird dislike for cooking oil. I have been cooking all my food with butter the past weeks! I just find it more healthy and more tasty. And like Julia Child said, “You can never have too much butter.”


Heat your pan and melt the butter. Oh the smell will be wonderful.


Fry your chicken!


Cook until golden brown [or as crispy as you want them to be] *see all that butter oil? All those will go into the salad…MMMMM!


Meanwhile, prepare your plate! Start of with lettuce.


Then add the chicken and the butter oil


Slice up one hard-boiled egg and add on the side


Add two faces of mango on the side as well! *this completes the well balanced meal


And the next step is to get your fork and devour the yummy salad.

I hope you enjoyed that and try it out as well! This is what I eat every single day (for lunch and dinner) It’s amazing. You will see wonders in your body.

Happy nomming!


  1. I will do this tomorrow! :)

  2. you can do variations by using tuna or crabstick :)

    good job on staying disciplined with food!


  3. What do you eat for breakfast?

  4. What do you eat for breakfast?

  5. Yay! Ms. Say okay na sya even if no dressing or whatsoever vinegar? you don't eat rice?

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  7. Hello! I started watching your videos on youtube and kudos to you for trying to be healthy!

    If you do want some suggestions, this is what I have learned from my nutrition class I took in university and what I have also been told from a professional nutritionist and trainer.

    1. If you're gonna cook your chicken. Switch over from butter to cooking spray or canola oil. I know you said you don't like how it tastes but it is better for you to use oil instead of butter. Canola oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils to use and contains less fat than butter.
    2. Mangos and fruit in general contain a lot of sugar. I would suggest not to eat too much mango in one sitting or meal.
    3. Whey protein is a supplement to help with rebuilding muscle. Drinking too much of this can also make you gain weight. If you are drinking whey protein. I would suggest to drink it with water instead of milk and to drink one cup every other day.

    Good luck to you!

    1. Hello dear!!! The butter I used has 0% trans fat and is cholesterol free (it said on the packaging) so i guess it's much better compared to regular butter? :D And omg thank you for all the suggestions! :) Don't worry I don't eat mangoes everyday/every meal ;D

    2. No problem! I mean, it is better than using regular butter but if you are eating that salad a lot, think about the accumulation of butter you're consuming. I mean ultimately the decision is up to you. This is all from personal experience and knowledge! I like sharing what I've learned and hopefully it helps! Take care! Your vids are awesome! I'm also Filipina and I live in Canada =)