Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mrs. Bunny, Whey Protein, and A Wedding

1:09AM and I am still up blogging! Here’s a new wave of Instagram photos:


Mrs. Bunny is ready to be shipped!!! Only a few days left before I announce the lucky winner of these amazing brushes. Sigma is wonderful—they have sponsored a couple of giveaways for my subscribers and I am super thankful! Thank you Sigma! Have you entered the Mrs. Bunny Giveaway yet? It’s open WORLDWIDE!!! <3 Watch this video to enter!


I posted a “What’s in My Makeup Bag” a few days ago on my beauty channel. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the link! You’ll find out what I carry in my super spacious Paul & Joe bag!


I just had to IG the photo that Lancome took from the Lancome event. Doesn’t the color red liven things up to a whole new level???! I love RED!


More work to be done, so far this is what I’ve been getting. Weighted calf-sleeves makes everything so much more challenging, you will be sweating your butt off. And I love the kettlebell! Such an awesome squats-companion. *Workout clothes from Nike*


First time to try JAP CHAE AND I LOVE IT!!! Where? At Hanayo, along Dapitan near UST.


Can’t wait to upload my video about this super awesome hairstyle. I’m using a diffuser, by the way!


HEALTHY EATING IS EXPENSIVE. Thanks to YouTube, I am able to get what I need. I vlogged about this, too! Watch the video here:


Salad to school!


Finally got my refill! I got the 2 pound jar which costs 2,199.00 at GNC (Google “GNC” to see their locations) I got the GOLD Card as well which entitles me to 20% off on EVERY purchase. It was about time I got that card. The card costs PHP 500+.


Favorite salad. EVER. Recipe? HERE!


Went to my client’s wedding last week! Look at this lovely bouquet!


Here’s Janice!!! The lovely bride in a super vintage bridal car! :)


At a photoshoot last Sunday with these glasses on


I vlogged during the shoot! Watch it here:

My super awesome model, Marianne, rocking the blue liner! Stay tuned for VIXEN! *My sister and her friend’s online clothing line! Watch the teasers below!



  1. Oh my! Hanayo!! How nostalgic.I feel so old even though I just graduated last year. whahaha

  2. I want to meet you in person! Huhu we're just in the same bldg though