Thursday, 2 August 2012

PMD, Jasmine Costume, Kettlebell Workout


If I haven’t shared it in my blog yet, I was luckily chosen to be one of the contestants for our Marketing Pageant in school! I’m going to play the role of Princess Jasmine—and I had to customize my outfit since I cannot find any costume similar to Jasmine’s. Nevertheless, I sewed this together! My top was originally a Folded and Hung (dress) which I’ll obviously never see again (boohoo) I cut it in half, added sleeves and voila! I hand-sewed everything I needed to change! Thanks to my Mama for teaching me how to sew when I was little! :D As for my pants, they’re belly dancing pants that I customized as well. Took out the garter, replaced it with a lace, and then took out some of the noisy kleng klengs (lol) coz they hurt my feet! Anyhoo…I can’t wait to share the Pageant Vlogs with you!! I currently have 1 vlog about the pageant up already!


Received this in the mail (finally) Thank you PMD! Cannot wait to try this out!


After filming a new video! Video tutorial here:



Love it when my hair looks like this!! I’m getting sick of straight hair!!!


Yaaaay to amazing kettlebell workouts!!! Gets rid of grandma arms fast! Got mine from Toby’s!


Green, Blue and Purple Eye Makeup Look! Video tutorial here:

Latest vlog:

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