Monday, 22 July 2013

Morning Coffee Reads (July 23, 2013) Yummy in My Tummy

Good morning!

It is 1:47AM as I write this entry. Yeppp, staying up late as usual! I just finished editing 4 new videos for you guys! The first of those four videos is now up in my channel – watch here! I have a concealer review currently uploading (will be up in about 80 minutes), a vlog comes right after that, and an updated tag video the next. It’s quite interesting how I come up with different contents every single day. This job of mine is definitely worth everything. I love sharing my life to the world!

Yesterday, Mark cooked his special baked mac with bechamel sauce for my family again! I swear, I love this man. I can’t believe I’ll be marrying a guy who’s awesome in the kitchen!! Just wanna share photos that I took earlier…


Cheese freshly grated on top of the bechamel sauce


After 15 minutes in the microwave oven


Topped with Italian seasoning




I swear, even all my sisters love this stuff. Thank you, baby for cooking for us once again!! :) Mark and I also enjoyed a fruit platter at Choco Moco at SM Manila—we’ve never tried that place until today! I must say, this fruit platter is yummy! Refilling of the choco sauce will cost you 20.00! The chocolate sauce dries up after a while!!



It is now 2:52AM. I just found lost video files for another Pinay Beauty on A Budget video (thank goodness!) Edited and now in queue for uploading. Thank you God, for my fast desktop. I am able to accomplish 90% more tasks now!

I need to wake up at 9:30 to run errands. Meralco bill is due tomorrow, I need to call my university for my diploma (still hasn’t been mailed to me for some reason!) and a million more things.

This week is pretty busy!! I’ll be having the certificates for my students during July 27th’s workshop printed in a few days!! I can’t wait to conduct this class. It’ll surely be fun fun fun as always!

I also have an event to attend to! This is for a well known makeup brand! It’ll be at their newly opened branch! I’m so excited!!! Hint: “babe”

Hmmm my mouth sores are getting better thank goodness, Betadine mouth wash does the trick EVERY TIME. I swear. They came up with a new formulation as well!!! I think this new one is much more potent. It gets rid of the white thing in your mouth sores! Soothing it and making it heal faster! Oh. The torture I have to go through to make my teeth beautiful. Mouth sores plague me forever. Sad smile I lack in vitamin B something something.

Almost 3AM, dear readers, I better wrap things up now! Watch out for the new videos in the morning!

Hope you have a beautiful day!


  1. happy tummy =) point talaga ang lalaki magaling at masarap mag luto

  2. Awesome!!! YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!!! I like mac with bechamel sauce. I feel hungry because of it.

    Kopi Luwak

  3. magpapakasal na kau ni kuya mark te say? :D

  4. Nagutom ako bigla! :( Nom nom!