Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Morning Coffee Reads (July 25, 2013) Chocolate Eh!

I missed yesterday’s MCR! 3:25 in the morning and I am just about to wrap up work. I had 4 cups of coffee today and had a good amount of nap in the afternoon and early evening so it’s no surprise why I am still up! I’ll be sharing a blog entry in my beauty blog about the Benefit Hard Hat Party I went to last Tuesday!


I had so much fun and I just love the lighting in the store (see above) I was using my P setting on my Nikon D5100. I am glad that my mouth sores are almost all gone. WHEW! I can finally talk properly. But just one wrong bite/slip of my tongue, I know they’ll be back! Mouth sores are my plague for life!

After the beauty event we all went to Café Adriatico for an early dinner! I had chocolate eh! for my beverage. Haha I couldn’t choose between eh! or ah! Eh turns out to be more thick according to Café Adriatico.


This is what I had—Lapu Lapu “M….” I forgot the last name of it but it’s SO filling and really yummy!


I had a blast talking to the Benefit team and I can’t wait to work with them very soon!

I went to Forever 21 to hunt for an outfit for this weekend and I tried out a couple dresses like…


I spent 2 hours inside the store and guess what I bought?


I wasted my time… I didn’t fall madly in love with any of the outfits I tried on. I guess I’d have to search someplace else. If only Ever New BGC was nearer…

This is gonna be a short MCR, dear readers, but I just wanna give a friendly reminder—once you graduate from college and get your own job/work, DON’T FORGET YOUR PARENTS/FAMILY. They will always be the #1 priority.

My parents sent me to good, private schools, and one of the best universities in the Philippines (UST) they also supported me ALL THE WAY with Youtube, so it is JUST RIGHT to start claiming responsibility for some household bills. It is JUST RIGHT. This is not something we should wait to be asked to pay for/to do. It is something we must automatically do. You know why?

Because it’s PAYBACK TIME.

I owned up to paying the electricity because working from home--I NEED IT. I use it the most! I stay up all night for my video uploads, blogs, even the internet! I am adding paying for the internet on my list too; not because I have money to pay for them (believe me I am working extra hard to pay these bills—I don’t just spit money out my mouth) for them, but because IT IS JUST RIGHT.

Someday I’ll look back and I’m sure I’ll say to myself that I have been a GOOD DAUGHTER.

I still experience being mocked because I call Youtube my “work”/ “job”, well you know what? You can say anything about it being a temporary thing/not a real job…etc. It doesn’t matter. What matters is this job is DECENT, it gives me MORE THAN AVERAGE monthly pay, and I am able to own up to my RESPONSIBILITIES because I have something I can call a JOB THAT I ENJOY TRULY.

I never complained about this job of mine. Because I am perfectly happy and content.

And just for a closing—arrogant & disrespectful people will have their time.

I better sleep now! Lots of errands to run in the morning till nighttime. I am excited for Wolverine tonight with my sister Iza!


P.S. what are your thoughts on automatic responsibilities?


  1. I agree with owning up with some responsibilities after you graduate. It's more of an obligation now to support our parents since they support us in every way all our lives.

    Anyhoo, take Vitamin C. I used to have mouth sores all the time before. My mom told me that Vitamin C helps.

    Oh! and I love the black dress on you! ♥

  2. Responsibilities? I have lots of that, Ms. Say, but I am thanking the Big Guy coz I can "afford" to be responsible.

    Why are they mocking you?! Jealous Lang sila coz you have to the ability to speak, the guts to vlog in public and the beauty,too. And besides, a lot of Filipino works at home now through the Internet, tell them "Duh!"

    Ms Say, think of business opportunity. Maybe developing you own line of make up or something . It's your
    field and you are well versed when it comes to marketing. Pray and save for it. :)

    Good luck.

  3. Responsibility is not only after the graduation, From the childhood we are responsible for our little mistakes, our class report and our notes, but after the graduation our responsibility increases.

    Kopi Luwak

  4. I commend you for taking responsibilities seriously. and you should be VERY thankful that paying the electricity and internet are your only responsibilities, bills wise. I know plenty of people like myself who have to pay for rent, electricity, heat/air, phone, health insurance, car, student loans etc. Totaling P75-80,000 in just one month.
    Instead of focusing on how much bills cost or how bad service can be, just be thankful that you can afford that