Saturday, 20 July 2013

Morning Coffee Reads: Updates (July 21, 2013)

Whoopsie, I’ve fallen behind my MCR for a couple of days! Well let me fill you in! I just finished editing 2 vlogs (July 17th, 19th-20th) both in line to be uploaded in the next few hours.

My sister and I went to the gym today. I killed my body, all right! And I got germs again. I swear, that gym has a high amount of germs. I got colds right after I went there. Remember how I got super sick after a week of going to that gym? I don’t know if that’s just me, or the germs there are really potent. I don’t think I’m going back. I did sweat a lot, but I totally cannot risk getting sick from there. Here’s a post-workout photo! No makeup at all!! I love how my skin  has been clearing up because of my new nighttime routine! Will share very soon!


I should be sleeping RIGHT NOW 1:35AM because I have to be up by 5:30AM for an early pre-nuptial makeup gig. Being a night owl, this is tough. Although I’ll be able to get up naman, fingers crossed. I always get up on time for work.

Right after the makeup gig I’ll be off to a hotel where I’ll be spending the day and night with my two girls Trizia and Sheri (remember them from my vlogs???) I haven’t seen them in foreverrrrr so it’s nice to spend some much needed quality time with them! I miss them! Maika and Kheem are both busy and won’t be able to join us Sad smile Hopefully sometime soon!

While in the hotel, I’ll be squeezing a little filming time as well. Because I need to!!! I always need extra time for all the work I have in my hands. And I see to it that I meet deadlines as much as I can.

I’ll be flying to Cebu again next Sunday for a store opening! This will give me a chance to buy more pasalubong for mine and Mark’s family without rushing like the last time! I’ll only be there for one day…always short trips to Cebu! I cannot stay very long because work in Manila is cray cray. I do the best I can with the schedule I’m given. Thank you Lord for this opportunity once again!


Yes, I’ll be working with Noe once again!! We’ll be giving free makeovers at the APM Mall 2PM onwards at the Chedelyn Cosmetics Store. See you, Cebuana beauties!! Noe and I also have enough time to film together!! We used to collaborate online before way back in 2010, now 3 years later, we’re finally gonna be able to do it together *literally.

Earning is very difficult. I mean, when you’re paying bills! I’m once again complaining about Meralco hehehe which is due on July 23 (sobs) but good thing our bill went down by a few hundreds. I don’t wanna see this month’s bill, though!!! July 1st I started using my desktop—which I think eats up more electricity than when I was still using my netbook. Nevertheless, I’m doubling and even tripling (tripling? is that a word?) my hardwork. Believe me I am.

I miss Mark’s Baked Mac with Bechamel Sauce!! I am so darn happy I’ll be marrying a man who knows how to cook! Even my sisters went cray cray over his baked mac. I love it! You’ll see how he made this in the coming vlog!!!


Oh, my Addison bag is finally back in my arms!!! The zipper is now repaired and it’s as good as new!

1004887_605185916179591_1596175338_n (1)

Thank to Abby Jocson for this free passport holder which came together with the bag when they shipped it back to me! I TOTALLY ADORE IT! It goes perfectly with my Addision bag!


I miss this pastillas that Dina gave meeee! She’s the sweetest! We met through IG and finally met in person when she came to my meet and greet at the SuperSale Bazaar Smile Thank you Dina!! I’ll see you again soon!


Oh, speaking of the bazaar, I went to Abby Jocson’s booth (to get my bag repaired) and look at their amazing display!!! This duffel bag is definitely next on my list! AHHH I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH! ALL the designs!!!


And one of my ultimate faves—the Addison bag!!!


I don’t promote stuff on my personal blog often, but if you’re a bag lover, check out You’ll go crazy!

Oh man it’s 2:23AM and I still need to pack for my trip tomorrow and my makeup gig!!! I guess I gotta say toodles for now. I need to get at least 3 hours or sleep!

I’ll be back soon!


  1. Jog ka na lang sis with marky marky then vlog about it hihi!

  2. Jog ka na lang sis with marky marky then vlog about it hihi!

  3. Hey Say, how about doing workout at home?

  4. siguro the reason you get sick from that gym is because they are not sanitary. I've been to one earlier this month malapit lang sa haus namin and I think it irritated my skin AS IN sobrang daming red blotches yung skin ko tapos I kept sneezing nakakainis! I refunded my membership dun.. puro kasi boys hindi marunong maglinis after they used the machine tsk tsk work out at home ka na lang din Say right now I'm trying out belly dancing and also zumba super sarap yung combo ^__^