Friday, 26 July 2013

Morning Coffee Reads (July 27, 2013) Young Adult Problems

I must be crazy composing this entry at 4:45AM. I have not had any sleep yet and I have a makeup workshop to conduct at 11AM. I seriously think I need to reset my body clock. It sucks being a night owl because everything shifts!!! Yesterday, I slept at 6AM and woke up at 2PM—that’s a good 7 hours of sleep. But it just isn’t right anymore. My body has been feeling more sluggish than ever. And this is not doing my health any good.


Well anyway, I wanted to do a quick MCR for this morning. I have everything packed and ready to go for today’s workshop! Since my trolly traincase is in need of repairs, I made use of boxes to contain all the makeup we’ll be using for the workshop. I like this feeling—of having everything I need in order. It feels nice.

I’ll be seeing my Mark tomorrow. He’s going to be the photographer for the workshop. Great thing his schedule permits! I just cannot handle the photo-taking all by myself because I still have to teach, guide, and vlog altogether! I am so thankful for Mark. I honestly think he’s the one. No kidding. Thinking about that makes me smile.

Earlier I was computing. About finances and all. Bills will increase by August as I take on a new responsibility—paying for our internet. LOLLLL omygoodness, and you guys know how much I hate SmartBro when their connection is intermittent! Hahaha! I can just imagine myself at my wit’s end when the time comes that we get another faulty connection and I’m paying for it. Well, I use the most internet here at home, so I’m not complaining.

I miss grocery shopping. It feels very therapeutic to me. Sometimes I go to the mall to walk around for HOURS and not buy anything, just browse. I love walking from aisle to aisle in the supermarket, reading ingredients…etc. That is how weird I am. But I feel so happy afterwards. I know I’m not alone! Who else does this?!

People are about to wake up in this house and I am just about to sleep.

I can’t wait to have breakfast with Mark as I am totally famished right now. I’m thinking pancakes with baconnnn…but seriously, hot Milo and toasted mamon is alright for me too!

I still have no outfit for Sunday. And I don’t wanna spend for one. Good thing, though, that I’ll be checking in a hotel in the morning to film with Noe and perhaps get a little downtime before the busy afternoon for work. I will also be able to go back to the hotel after dinner and remove my makeup and freshen up before I fly back to Manila. I don’t like how a whole day’s makeup feel on my skin during flights. I can feel my skin suffering. Air in the plane is just really bad.

I filmed two videos today. 2 reviews on a BB cream I’ve been loving, and Benefit’s creaseless eyeshadows. I need to work even harder to meet my goal for this month. People ask me if Youtube requires me to come up with a certain # of videos per month. And the answer is NO. The boss inside me requires me to do so. I love being my own boss.

How I stay motivated? I think about the bills I need to pay and the things I want to buy, and most importantly, trips out of the country—starting next year!!! OHHHH that got me so excited. Everything will turn out great. I just know it.

I was ranting earlier about how such a hassle it is being a young adult. I need to get an NBI/police/brgy. clearance soon, my TIN is not yet ready, my passport is yet to be processed because I need the things mentioned previously.

I am also going to take a RUSH course on driving. 4,700.00 for a 5-hour driving lesson. Is it worth it??? I NEED MY DRIVER’S LICENCE because I need more valid ID’s.

Grabe. I miss being a child. My mom used to asikaso all these things for me. But now I can’t ask from her anymore. I’m 22 years old. I need to stand up on my own.

I need more patience. Because I HATE LONG LINES. OMGGGG you wouldn’t believe how much I hate long lines. AND WAITING!

Before, I ordered fries from Jollibee. They asked me to wait for 3 minutes. ONLY 3 MINUTES!!!! And I canceled the order. HAHAHAH!

That is how impatient I am.

5:05AM and I think I’m gonna get a little sleep now. Toodles! And I hope you have a great day, my dear reader. Feel free to share anything in the comment box!


  1. I agree with you ms.say dun sa smartbro part, they're so irritating, they always have technical activity sa base station nila and always tell you to monitor within 24 hours, connection always sucks pero always consistent pagdating sa bill. And i salute and admire you for being so responsible at a young age.

  2. I agree with your shopping therapy, that's my therapy as well. Regardless if I would buy stuff or not, roaming around, seeing new things makes me happy.

  3. I feel awe to your busy life Ms. Say! You've found your passion and stick to it. I'm a fresh grad too, and also coping with the adulthood life. Oh how I miss the good old days. :)

  4. try PLDT my dsl miss SAy so worth it and super fast..

  5. But the best thing about being an adult is "responsibility" and "finance". I'm kinda good at those so yah, I love being an adult , but I want to go back to my childhood days when my father was still alive. Yan Lang ang na miss ko sa pagka bata,being with my father.

  6. Just get postal id. Kesa sa driving licence.

  7. 3 minutes! hahaha :)) so proud of you and everything you've accomplished! <3

  8. Kilig yung he's the one na part. Haha! Sana nga kasi mukhang maganda chemistry ninyo. Biyan kita ng koting patience madami ako niyan being a mom of 4. Three boys and one girl. I have no choice back then but to mature early because I got married early too. Well I wish I can share with you a lot more of what I learned pero baka mawalan ka din ng patience makinig. haha!

  9. OMG! I feel for you about shopping therapy... :D I do that too especially after exams and sometimes, I don't really need to buy, like makeup, but doing swatches makes me feel better... :) oh, and I hate long lines too! haha! I get "allergic" to long lines.. haha! great job for sticking to your passion and doing whatever it takes to get to where you are now.. :) with everything you have accomplished and what you have gone through to accomplish your goals, grabe! Hanga ako sa 'yo! basta give your body a break minsan.. :) baka magkasakit ka, mahirap na.. :) enjoy your trip to Cebu Say! :) wish you could drop by Iloilo.. :D

  10. Nung kumuha ako ng passport, hindi tinanggap yung NBI clearance kasi bago lang. Hindi rin tinanggap yung postal ID. Voter's ID pwede pa. Tsaka college yearbook. And high school ID. Just a head's up :) Bring as many supporting documents as you can.

  11. You should switch to PLDT DSL. More stable if you ask me. You could also bribe the manong that's gonna install to boost your bandwidth. hehe.

  12. I'm 23 and you're 22 and I'm so jealous! The thought of you being more successful at your young age grabe. I super idolized you. At this point of my life di ko pa din alam yung gusto kong gawin that's why I'm now stuck at corporate world. Pero ikaw parang planado na ang lahat sayo. Keep up Say! You're an inspiration to us! ^^