Saturday, 27 July 2013

Morning Coffee Reads! (July 28, 2013) Such a A Handsome Face


Yesterday I had a breakfast date with my favorite person in the whole wide world. I was having a grumpy morning, and of course, Mark turned it all upside down!!! His jokes always make me laugh out loud! Anyway we were pretty early for work (he was my photographer for today’s workshop) so we had coffee at Greenbelt! Starbucks, to be exact.


I love admiring Mark from a distance. I could stare at him forever! He’s gotten leaner and more muscular because he’s been hitting the gym regularly for weeks now! I just love how this guy is in my life! He is the most wonderful person ever. Whenever I’m with him I feel like a queen! He always makes me feel loved. ALWAYS!!! He is definitely husband-material. Don’t be surprised if you see us walking down the aisle in the future! Haha!


Yuppp…I look like a nerd beside him. Glasses too glare-y!!! Nonetheless, my favorite photo of the day! Speaking of glasses, we’re having a giveaway here:


It was a quiet morning. We sat outside for a change.


How do you guys like my NEW bag?! It’s so perfect! I love it!!!! Read more about the bag (AND A GIVEAWAY!) here:


I had French Toasts and White Mocha


Mark had a honey glazed doughnut and White Mocha (or something…I forgot the name!)


The workshop was a success!!! I had a lot of fun! I actually blogged about it already! Feel free to check it out! Perhaps you want to join our 3rd batch this coming August 17! I would love to see you there!


One of the angels in my life was our model for today! Thank you so much Yhang!!! You will forever be blessed!!! Love you!

1:13AM and I still have to prepare for my 7:10AM flight. I’ll be at the airport by 5:45AM. Whole day affair in Cebu! I can’t wait to bring back Zubuchon for mine and Mark’s family!!!! Oh the yummy goodness!

AND OHHH!!! Yhang gave us this kakanin from Vigan! I forgot what it’s called but it’s so interesting! Will share about it in the next post!

How was YOUR day, my friend?

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  1. Sarap talaga ng laging inlove. Sana nga kayo na and I cant wait to watch your vlogging about your wedding in the future :) Im sure matagal pa yun kasi madami ka pang dreams and you 're still young. I hope I get to meet you someday or bump into you one day while shopping. :) Have a good day dear! God bless you and Mark!