Saturday, 6 July 2013

Morning Coffee Reads (July 7, 2013) Apparently I’m FAT

Slept at 4AM last night! It was well worth it because now I have 4 new videos up in my channel and I finished my gel nail review!

Magandang hapon!

Once again, MCR is a bit late today. I only had 5 hours of sleep! All because I had coffee while getting my nails done. I had my gel nails removed yesterday! Paid PHP350.00 to get it removed! Yes, I know, it’s a bit expensive. Read more about gel nails by clicking the link above!

Today is Sunday! I have to shop for an outfit for tomorrow and buy a huge storage box. My things in here just keep on accumulating and accumulating. It’s getting impossible to organize already. My makeup drawers look like a tornado hit them, everything is in chaos! And I need to get them all in order before I leave for Cebu tomorrow!

Speaking of my outfit. I definitely should just wear wedges or even flats because heels are not travel-friendly. I’m thinking of buying a dressy top and pair it with jeans and wedges, or just a dress with the flats/wedges.

I am so close to going to Ever New to buy a dress because that place is HEAVEN. Have you seen my post about that place? unfortunately, Bonifacio Global City is a bit far from here. I guess I’ll settle for the good brands I love at SM Dept. Store for the meanwhile.

Being a big girl is not that easy, especially in this country. My outfits are always critiqued by people who are not even fashion experts. People are just mean. I’ve been called FAT a lot of times by Filipinos. Never once from my friends abroad. That is one thing I hate about our culture. And I know I’m not the only one! Ang sakin lang, bago mo akong tawaging mataba, siguraduhin mong supermodel body ka.

Here’s another thing about Youtube. How annoying is it that people always suspect videos to be sponsored? This is the digital age. Youtube is my job. I am a graduate of marketing. Take all those into consideration and you don’t even need to wonder. If I ever do sponsored videos, I see to it that I still give my honest opinions! Never once did I promote a product that I don’t like/use—and THAT ANSWERS your question why I always feature products I only LIKE! I don’t promote stuff I DON’T like for obvious reasons. I know I am making sense here. It’s just that people keep pushing my buttons. Insinuate stuff which are beyond logic. I think it really is in the nature of a Filipino to be pakialamero. Some, not all.

Moving on to more important things in life, I just realized I have to pay Meralco on the 19th. That’s another 4,000-5,000.00 off my account. No sense in complaining though. I need to live up to my responsibilities. Budgeting is pretty tough! I’ve been letting go of my wants and focusing more on my work.

I thank all the heavens for giving me a job I love. I really couldn’t ask for more! I could do this all my life.

How about you, dear readers? What have you been thinking about lately? I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Wow, your electricity bill is huge!

  2. i love reading your blogs and watching ur vids ms.say..:)

  3. I hope you don't get tired on my commenting here, on YT and even on FB (Rann May Luba) but I sense you're that kind of a person na pwedeng i converse. Like Donna of MLI. Anyways, you've read my PM naman sa FB regarding the mataba thingy... so I won't dwell there.

    Yong sa sponsored videos naman... pagpasensyahan mo nalang sila panu kasi kumikita ka sa ginagawa mong videos habang yong iba nanuod walang pumapasok na $$$ sa account nila. LOL. Nasa culture kasi natin - unfortunately - ang crab mentality eh.
    Let me share with you my career issues na din para maibsan man lang ang sakit nang bangs mo. hehehe.
    I am a registered nurse both here and abroad (USRN) however pursuing that career is difficult. Dito kasi samin you need to have a backer or thousands and thousands of pesos for you to work sa hospital. I volunteered actually for almost 2 years hoping na makakapasok sa isang hospital. Unfortunately, experience doesn't seem to count here.
    I thought to myself, I love profession but I love my family even more. So nag apply ako for New Zealand, long story short, hindi ako nakapunta because during that time I applied wala nang school opening (yes, you have to go back to school). So I was depressed for months and then my angel whispered and told me to fight. Which I did. Now, I am working online with a job na sobrang layo sa profession ko pero I'm also earning wwwaaaaayyyyyy more than what my profession should earn.
    So, dba successful na ako in my own way? I pay ALL the house bills and all that miscellaneous stuff. In short I am self sufficient. Pero, tanong mo if lahat ba happy? NO! Some of my relatives are like, "you're a nurse you should work in a hospital kahit walang bayad." and I was like WTF??? Seryoso? Meron din iba "ah so, hindi ka na nurse." in short some of them don't agree or support my career change. Pero hindi ko nalang pinapansin kasi I know that I am doing my best to support myself.

    The moral story: ikaw, ako, tayo lang ang dapat ang makakapagsabi sa sarili natin how worthy we are of the things that we are getting. In times na medyo naiinis ako (tao lang naman tayo), I think to myself... "At the end of the day, it's between me, my loved ones and My God." :)

  4. kaya nman sobrang love kita say !! :) We have the same issue about being fat. Hndi rin nman ako gnun kalaki dati when Im taking my taekwondo and being a gym addict. but when I stopped I became bigger! and criticize ... other people are so judgmental ! .. Hndi nla alam kung ganu kasakit yun ... ehhh , pero di rin nla kung ano ang hardworks mo instead na maging proud cla humahanap pa sila na pwedeng ikasira mu ... duuuh !! anyway ... ILOVE watching your videos and reading your blogs ... ILOVEYOU SAY , stay pretty as always ... mwuah !

  5. I admire your courage to say everything ms. say. And it really is annoying for people to make unnecessary comments about being fat and all,when obviously not. Maybe some people just don't get you that's why they say stuff like that to you. Anyways i love your vids to death. XOXOXO

  6. We Love you MS. Say! Just keep that in mind always! Don't mind the haters! ♥ okay?. :)

  7. OMG Ms Say, My heart jump when you mentioned "budgeting", that's finance related and I'm mostly interested in that side of life! You should blog about finance stuffs, too! :)