Monday, 8 July 2013

Morning Coffee Reads (July 9, 2013) Blogging at the Airport

Good morning loves!

Here’s something I wanna share today. I came up with mini blog entries on my iPhone’s notepad throughout the day yesterday to kill time and because of the fact that my flight back to MNL was delayed.

1:46pm boarded flight 5J581 and I feel scared and deprived of space!!! All the shows about plane crashes are rushing back to meeeee!!!! This plane is so small! Ahhhh!
11:29pm waiting at the lounge right now. My plane is late! We should've boarded at 11:15 and now 30 mins has passed na--still nothing! Annie had to drive uber fast from Radisson Blu to the airport just for me to catch my flight. Hahaha thank you so much my dear Annie!!! I can't thank you enough!!!! Love you!
How the rest of my day went upon landing? Well, Noe and Mitchel picked me up from the airport! Although a bit pai seh I accepted their offer (thank you SO much Mitchel and Noe!) we headed straight to SM Cebu! Noe and I walked around F21 to kill a lil bit of time before the Meet and Greet!
Our meet and greet was held at Starbucks!!! We met a bunch of lovely ladies! Such sweethearts!!! Noe is so much fun to hang out with. If u didn't know, Noe is one of my very first friends on Youtube!! I am really happy to spend as much time as i can with her during my trip! No dull moment. Dili talaga ra! Hahaha omg they all taught me how to speak Bisaya. Here's something for you....(okay i forgot what it is) But I caught it on my vlog!!!!! Hahahha! After the fun meet and greet at Starbucks, Annie drove us to Yugo!!! The place I've been meaning to eat at ever since Noe posted about their food! Grabe YUGO is really yummy! Super sulit because you only pay 470.00 for dinner! EAT ALL YOU CAN! I only lasted 1 round. With all the meat Noe cooked/grilled for us, grabe yummy!
11:39 and still not yet on board. I'm starting to think naiwan na ako ng plane but NO... Hay dios mio. Where is the plane???
Going back... Okay so I had a ton of fun with Annie, Noe and Joanna during dinner! Annie is one of my very good friends from Cebu! During my first trip she was the one who showed me around! Joanna, is a writer for Sunstar cebu! I met her thru Instagra, and I’m so glad i finally got to see her in person!!!!
After Yugo, I said my good byes to Noe, Mitchel, and Joanna, and Annie drove me back to Radisson Blu.
Event for Avon took place and i got to meet Danica Magpantay's mum, celeb mua Lala Flores. All the story about that in a separate post !!
We left Radisson at 10:15 and Annie drove SO FAST because she didn't want me to be late for my flight! I ran all the way to the gate, checked in, and found out that boarding time is 11;15z. Lol i had time to buy Zubuchon (frozen) for my family. Although Annie told me not to kasi hindi na fresh pag frozen!!!! I just want to bring something back for Papa and Mama hehhe and my sisters. And dogs. Jahhaha 1kilo of lechon! HAHHAHAH! Kasya na ba?! 590.00 na yun ha! Hahah I'll def buy good lechon when i come back! With Mark na this time.
Okay announcer just informed us that our plane just arrived. Thank goodness! Late parin!
Okay that's it for todayms MCR! I hope you enjoyed this "live" written entry. As i type this on my notepad, i am still at the airport.
Love, Say
11:48pm july 8, 2013
12:08 finally settled inside the plane. I feel hot kasi walang aircon omg. And thirsty. Wala akong water!
See you manila in a bit.

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